Student Opinion: What was your reaction to the storming of the Capitol?

Three from our Informer news staff share their reactions. Elianna Alcantar Vega I have been trying to write about the events that took place yesterday for the last couple of hours now, but there are no words to describe the way I am currently feeling. Someone once told me that the “writer’s brain is their … Continue reading Student Opinion: What was your reaction to the storming of the Capitol?

COVID-19 mutation means millions of minks to be killed

By Yvonne Guu Last week, Denmark announced that mutated coronavirus strains were found in minks, which has now allowed minks to both contract the virus and spread it to their human counterparts. In response to this discovery, Denmark—one of the world’s largest mink skin producers—has set out to cull millions of farmed minks to limit … Continue reading COVID-19 mutation means millions of minks to be killed

Club Week: Wednesday Special Interest Clubs

Lighthouse By Joshua So Calling all Dons!  Join Cerritos Lighthouse club for a place of fellowship and community for Christians at CHS.  If you are interested in the club, don’t hesitate to try out a couple of the meetings. This club holds a series of recurring meetings where we vary between bonding activities, worship, and … Continue reading Club Week: Wednesday Special Interest Clubs

Club Week: Tuesday Cultural Groups

Taiwanese Club By Angelina Lee Want to learn more about Taiwanese culture? Taiwanese Club is the perfect place to immerse yourself in Taiwanese culture. They offer a unique approach “to [spread] awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the Chinese/Taiwanese culture through different events” Treasurer, Adrienne Truong said. Taiwanese Club has tons of fun events planned for … Continue reading Club Week: Tuesday Cultural Groups

Worlds 2020: The return of the LCK, and (most importantly) Damwon Gaming

By JAE WON SHIN During the time of a pandemic, almost all sports organizations were respectively closed. Big names, such as the NBA and NFL, only recently opened up for the last half of their season and playoffs without in-person seating. One sport, however, continued to have strong viewership: e-sports. Large e-Sports games, such as … Continue reading Worlds 2020: The return of the LCK, and (most importantly) Damwon Gaming

Kamala Harris’ Journey to the Number One Observatory Circle

By Elianna Alcantar Vega Kamala’s runway to the Number One Observatory Circle is already painted, but her journey wasn’t easy. Kamala is a profound woman with so many accomplishments, as a daughter of immigrant parents, she never fails to succeed in the “impossible.”  Kamala Devi Harris' story begins in Oakland, California, on October 20, 1964. … Continue reading Kamala Harris’ Journey to the Number One Observatory Circle

Opinion: The Overlooked Importance of Returning to School Sports

By Joshua So “I don’t go to school for class.  I go to school to play volleyball, and I make it through 5 other classes.” High school sports have become a mere afterthought for everyone but student-athletes as schools have adapted to COVID regulations.  Naturally, we must prioritize some areas over others, given limited resources … Continue reading Opinion: The Overlooked Importance of Returning to School Sports

Opinion: Long Beach Gives shows us the power we all have in building up our community

By Joshua So On September 24th, Long Beach Gives will host a 24 hour online giving day to crowdfund for hundreds of non-profits and organizations in Long Beach and surrounding areas.     As I made my own peer-to-peer fundraiser page for the Casa Youth Leadership Program on the Long Beach Gives website, I found myself … Continue reading Opinion: Long Beach Gives shows us the power we all have in building up our community

Schools and community adjust to uncertain times

By Joshua So     The most recent update from the Los Angeles County Office of Education has announced that they will close all school districts.  After Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest school district in the nation, announced today it will be suspending school, all other school districts in the county are now … Continue reading Schools and community adjust to uncertain times

Teacher personalities could appear on your report card

by Anoushka Adusumalli Your grade in a class almost entirely depends on who your teacher is. The difference between teachers can be the difference between passing and failing a class. For the same class, multiple different teachers have a variety of different expectations and standards for their students. Nowadays, getting top grades is becoming more … Continue reading Teacher personalities could appear on your report card

Opinion: Newspapers should not endorse candidates.

by JOSHUA SO In a time where American confidence in the mainstream media and the integrity of journalism has been shaken, the New York Times endorsements of presidential candidates is exactly what American citizens need to be sure that their national news outlets are delivering equal and unbiased coverage of news.  The New York Times … Continue reading Opinion: Newspapers should not endorse candidates.

The better chicken sandwich: a most heated debate

by TESS U-VONGCHAROEN For the longest time, Chick-Fil-A has been the go-to restaurant for chicken sandwiches. However, on August 12, 2019, Popeyes became a fierce competitor. People were willing to wait hours for a chicken sandwich and fights even emerged from the new craze. As Popeyes chicken sandwiches increased in popularity, a heated debate emerged … Continue reading The better chicken sandwich: a most heated debate

Science Olympiad continues this month

By ANGELINA LEE Back-to-back tournaments marked the beginning of the Science Olympiad competition season, one of which was Cerritos High School’s very own invitational. In only its second year, the CHS Science tournament, which was held on December 7th, welcomed around 30 teams from all over Southern California. The CHS Invitational allowed participants in Team … Continue reading Science Olympiad continues this month

California’s New Law on School Time Change

By REBEKAH KANG During the past several years, there has been lots of conversation of changing the starting times of public middle and high schools. Now, California has passed a new law in which most middle schools and high schools across California will start no earlier than 8:30 AM. This law was signed on October … Continue reading California’s New Law on School Time Change

Understanding the Hong Kong Protests

by Joshua So Endless images of streets on fire, destroyed buildings, and massive mobs are spread throughout the internet under flashy headlines centered around the current Hong Kong protests. It is only natural that some people unfamiliar with the situation see these images of violence and question their necessity. However, it is crucial that everyone … Continue reading Understanding the Hong Kong Protests

Knott’s Scary Farm: A First-time Review

By KATELYN CHU Hear the screams ring the ears of walking bystanders and the thundering sound of the squeaky, old Ghost Rider roller coaster. It is Knott’s Berry Farm, but in this case, it’s October, the season of pumpkins and the howling sounds of wolves in the distance. This means that the fun-loving Knott’s Berry … Continue reading Knott’s Scary Farm: A First-time Review

Girls’ Volleyball Advances

By JOSHUA SO On Thursday, October 24th, Cerritos High school students, parents, and supporters packed the stands to cheer the Cerritos High Dons Girls' Varsity Volleyball team in its first-round CIF victory over the Santa Barbara Dons.  The Cerritos Dons, who had just finished their league 10-0, are ranked 155th in California compared to Santa … Continue reading Girls’ Volleyball Advances

DMV experience: obtaining a learner’s permit

By Chris Amaro Biking, walking, taking a bus: these are all forms of transportation; however, none of them compare to driving. Being able to go where you want whenever you want is something most people can obtain. The process to obtain a driver license is a  long one and for good reason. Driving is dangerous … Continue reading DMV experience: obtaining a learner’s permit

Opinion: Let’s really celebrate Black History Month at CHS

BY Juelle Ford February is coming to a close, meaning that Black History Month will have had it’s 43rd celebration in the United States; however, since it began as “Negro History Week” in 1926, many people have opposed and questioned why it is observed at all. Carter G. Woodson, Harvard University graduate and noted scholar, … Continue reading Opinion: Let’s really celebrate Black History Month at CHS

Boba Ratings: An Update

BY Tess U-Vongcharoen The next stop on my boba journey is ShareTea, one of the most popular boba shop in Cerritos, California. Originally established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1992, ShareTea has internationalized its franchising by branching over to 18 nations, ranging from the United Kingdom to Australia. ShareTea lover and Junior Minh-Thy Vo visits the … Continue reading Boba Ratings: An Update

Boys’ Basketball CIF 2/8/19

BY Chinemerem Nwanze Friday, February 8, marked the beginning of the CIF basketball season for the Dons, who were matched up against Paraclete High School from Lancaster. Despite the pressure and school-wide anticipation surrounding the game, the team hoped to play their best. “We’re ready to come out and fight for a win,” said William … Continue reading Boys’ Basketball CIF 2/8/19

Opinion: Finals should be before Winter Break

BY Devina Muni 2:45. The last bell before the start of winter break rings. Everyone is ecstatic, including teachers, to enjoy the next two weeks off. A time to spend with loved ones while taking a mental break from all the pressure and work at school. If this is what break is supposed to feel like, then … Continue reading Opinion: Finals should be before Winter Break

Play equal ‘piece’s entertaining and ‘heart’breaking

BY DEVINA MUNI From Nixon’s speech to the firing of shots to honor those who served, Cerritos High School’s production of A Piece of my Heart will leave you speechless. With two female dominated casts (Black and Gold), the play highlighted the gender inequality that persisted in some fifty years ago. This difficult journey of … Continue reading Play equal ‘piece’s entertaining and ‘heart’breaking

Cal-Nev-Ha District of Kiwanis International- Pediatric Trauma Program

BY Riddhi Patel The charitable entity of the Cal-Nev-Ha District of Kiwanis International, created in 1994, is supported solely by voluntary contributions placed behind their Pediatric Trauma Program. These granted funds go towards developing local projects which reduce the amount of children in the Kiwani’s three-state District whom are killed or affected by trauma. The … Continue reading Cal-Nev-Ha District of Kiwanis International- Pediatric Trauma Program

Seniors Kuo and Gomez: Leading Together

BY Tess U Vongcharoen Seniors Patricia Marie Gomez and Yvonne Kuo are not your ordinary high school students. Not only are they honor students, but they also hold the title of Secretary Generals for Model United Nations and Presidents for the National Honor Society Club. Their journeys to these positions were taken on different pathways. … Continue reading Seniors Kuo and Gomez: Leading Together

Feature: Mia Hathaway

BY OLIVIA JAIME Senior Mia Hathaway is currently involved in MUN, Educators Rising Program, and is Captain of Varsity Yell. Hathaway has participated in Varsity Song since her freshman year. With a background in competitive All Star cheerleading and gymnastics, Hathaway joined Varsity Yell for her junior year.  She had been doing gymnastics for eight … Continue reading Feature: Mia Hathaway

Opinion: Is an elite college really your ticket to success?

BY DEVINA MUNI If you go to a good college, then and only then, will you be successful. This is a common phrase every kid has heard at some point in their life. Within recent years, getting into college has become more competitive and difficult to get into as their average “requirements” keep increasing. But … Continue reading Opinion: Is an elite college really your ticket to success?

Club Spotlight: Black Student Union

Pictured: Officers Michael Anaya, Kennedy Howell, Myra Anigbo, Audrey Anigbo, Gyasi Harper, Brooklyn Kemp Advisors: Mrs. TreAna Marbrey, Mr. Joshua Calhoun By Chinemerem Nwanze Cerritos High School has always promoted diversity, so it is no surprise that a Black Student Union finally exists to educate students on African-American culture and to encourage discussion. Mrs. Marbrey and Mr. Calhoun, who … Continue reading Club Spotlight: Black Student Union

August SAT Angers CHS Students

by Andrew Song Hundreds of thousands of students are enraged over a potential cheating scandal on the SAT that occurred on August 24 across the nation. Collegeboard has been confirmed of being guilty of reusing the international 2017 Asia test, allegedly giving some students an advantage and even a handicap large enough to give somebody … Continue reading August SAT Angers CHS Students

The Miseducation of US History Students (Opinion)

by Chinemerem Nwanze In 2017, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) released a report titled “Teaching Hard History: American Slavery” as part of the Teaching Tolerance Project. The study yielded stunning results about how slavery is discussed - or better yet, not discussed adequately enough - in American schools. Among the shocking results were: Only … Continue reading The Miseducation of US History Students (Opinion)

‘Love, Simon’: a film for this generation

BY NISA SYED *Warning: Spoilers Coming out to family and friends provides the utmost of relief for teenagers and adults; however, the decision to follow through with it is difficult.   Love, Simon, a film directed by Greg Berlanti, is based on the novel Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda written by Becky Albertalli. The … Continue reading ‘Love, Simon’: a film for this generation

Dark sides of Addams Family delights

BY DEVINA MUNI As a nominee of the MACY awards which recognizes and awards high school musical theatre students and productions, the Cerritos High School drama production of The Addams Family did not fail to impress. The Musical production, under the direction of John Zamora, did a spectacular portrayal of the Addams Family with a … Continue reading Dark sides of Addams Family delights

3/14 Walkout: A Success?

Minal Patel, 12th grade Q: Did the walkout seem successful? A: Yes, because people driving by were honking and acknowledging our cause, and nearby pedestrians stopped to take pictures of our efforts. The purpose of the walkout is to show that students at Cerritos are aware of circumstances and as high school students we can … Continue reading 3/14 Walkout: A Success?

Women’s rights are more than a day

BY NISA SYED International Women's Day praises women for their hard work and reminisces the achievements of important female figures throughout history. Since the 19th century, women such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cody Stanton have fought for women's suffrage through the organization of the National Woman's Suffrage Association and the American Woman Suffrage … Continue reading Women’s rights are more than a day

Opinion: ‘Mentally Unstable’ not good enough

by IRIS LIN Another school shooting on the news.  Pictures of victims and heroic stories of saviors.  A sad loss of innocent lives at the hands of a cruel, psychotic teenager.  Right?  Wrong. Stop simply labeling kids as “mentally unstable” when the news doesn’t tell the full story and no one cares enough to find … Continue reading Opinion: ‘Mentally Unstable’ not good enough

A few changes can improve grades

by NISA SYED Going into second semester can be bittersweet. It's the time to weigh losses from first semester, but its a clean slate that enables students to work harder. There are a lot of expectations second semester, but with a few fixes, it can be easier to handle. First, having a positive attitude enables … Continue reading A few changes can improve grades

Lessons from an opening night

by OLIVER CLARK Last Thursday opened "The Last Jedi," and I was there to see the second installment to the newest trilogy first-hand. It was an exciting night, but due to my many mistakes, it was also a stressful one. But with every mistake comes a life lesson, and as Yoda says: "Pass on what … Continue reading Lessons from an opening night

Estrada shines at wrestling

by GUS ESPINOZA Senior Desiree Estrada is one of our school's standout athletes.  As a member of the CHS Girls’ Wrestling team, Estrada has gained a solid reputation in league matches for the skills she executes on the mat.  The uniqueness of a sport like wrestling is the individually challenge in presents when it's just … Continue reading Estrada shines at wrestling

A Double-Double with…hot cocoa?

by SHREYA SHANTHARAJ and ANNIE LIN To many of us living on the West Coast, In-N-Out has served as a staple in our diets for years. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many were shocked when the company announced its newest addition to the menu: hot cocoa. Even more noteworthy is the fact that there hasn’t … Continue reading A Double-Double with…hot cocoa?

Cerritos’ NMSQT semi-finalists

by DEVINA MUNI The National Merit Scholar test, better known as the NMSQT, is a standardized test taken by tenth and eleventh graders that is administered by the College Board. Approximately 3.5 million students take it annually. It is an academic competition used to earn scholarships and recognition by attaining certain high scores. The PSAT … Continue reading Cerritos’ NMSQT semi-finalists

Healthy mind, healthy life

by BRIANNA KATSUDA  Rising numbers of high school students are experiencing anxiety and depression from increasing pressures from school, family, and social media. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 2 million teenagers in the United States are experiencing depression that affects their day-to-day activities and 6.3 million have an anxiety disorder. … Continue reading Healthy mind, healthy life

Trick or Treat, give me 840 hot dogs to eat

by ANASTASIA HAN Sweaty hands in gloves were set to make 840 hot dogs from 3:30pm to 5:00pm inside Artesia Park’s kitchen on Halloween. The trains of aluminum foil never ceased to end until the enormous plastic bags of buns were empty. Mountains of steaming sausages piled onto large, deep, silver trays and were placed … Continue reading Trick or Treat, give me 840 hot dogs to eat

A Step in the Right Direction: Adopt, Don’t Shop

by SHREYA SHANTHARAJ California has officially become the first state to formally ban the pet store sale of puppy mill dogs. Puppy mills are largely known as commercial dog breeding operations where profit is held at a higher status than the actual well-being of the animals. Most puppies that come from puppy mills are usually … Continue reading A Step in the Right Direction: Adopt, Don’t Shop

Armstrong in China back in the day

by GUSTAVO ESPINOZA  Cerritos High history teacher Steven Armstrong was fully aware of what sort of new world he was entering when he crossed into Hong Kong to teach in August of 1982. After decades of isolation, the most exotic part of the Far East had opened.   “Everyday, living in China was fascinating and … Continue reading Armstrong in China back in the day

To the Moon and Back — Homecoming in Review

by LEANNE PICHAY and ANNIE LIN On Saturday, October 21st, 2017, the senior class took the school on a journey to the moon and back at our annual Homecoming Dance. With decorations that transformed the school gym into a mystical getaway and music to keep the mood going all night long, it was yet another … Continue reading To the Moon and Back — Homecoming in Review

DACA: When dreams turn to nightmares (Opinion)

by LEANNE PICHAY If I were to tell you today to leave everything—your life, your home, your family—for a land you hardly know, what would you do? For undocumented citizens, this question is a looming burden, haunting them from the moment they wake and guiding almost every decision made. The repercussions of deportation are well … Continue reading DACA: When dreams turn to nightmares (Opinion)

Stories behind a teacher’s desk

by NISA SYED The common notion is that relationships are built by communication. Socializing is a fundamental part for the majority, without a doubt.  Making conversation with our teachers is easier for some, difficult for others. Situations vary between teachers and students; it can be  easier to have “real talk” with a teacher when a … Continue reading Stories behind a teacher’s desk

Get the scoop: New study hacks

by SHREYA SHANTHARAJ As high school students, test-taking is a part of our everyday life, but what if there were ways to make this dreaded task a little bit easier? Well, according to studies, there are “hacks” that’ll make studying for a test a bit more bearable. To start off, you need to realize what … Continue reading Get the scoop: New study hacks

Student feature: Nethmi D’Alwis

by SETU PATEL The Distinguished Young Women Program, also known as DYW, was first founded in 1958 to honor high-school girls by rewarding them with scholarships for college. This year's Cerritos-Artesia DYW competition was held on Sunday, April 30, at Whitney High School. At that competition, Senior Nethmi D’Alwis won the official title and proceeded … Continue reading Student feature: Nethmi D’Alwis

Teacher feature: Mrs. Marbrey

by DEVINA MUNI TreAna Marbrey (still known by many as Ms. Hundley) is a fun, puppy-loving, caring counselor and track coach here at Cerritos High. Her passion for running dates back to her four years of track while attending Gahr High School, where she was also homecoming queen her freshman year. Marbrey grew up the … Continue reading Teacher feature: Mrs. Marbrey

To the moon and back: Homecoming Premiere

by BRIANNA KATSUDA On September 27th, the senior class released the theme of this year’s homecoming theme and announced the Top 16 girls during lunch in the quad. With a starry backdrop, the homecoming committee held a skit based off of the greek mythology of Selene, the goddess of the moon. Selene is a goddess … Continue reading To the moon and back: Homecoming Premiere

CHS welcomes an abundance of new clubs

by IRIS LIN From Chikara to Octagon to World Vision to HOSA, Cerritos High School’s enthusiastic club representatives kick off yet another school year with the annual Club Week.  Taking place in the quad during the week of September 18, this celebratory occasion gives students the opportunity to learn about the variety of clubs offered … Continue reading CHS welcomes an abundance of new clubs

Excuse me, ridiculous excuses coming through

by ANASTASIA HAN Teachers always hear the “I left it at home” and “I forgot,” but on occasion they hear completely absurd excuses. Throughout their careers, teachers encountered interesting and ludicrous responses to students’ absences, tardies, and homework. English teacher Mr. Hind, discussed a particular student who did not do his homework in a previous school … Continue reading Excuse me, ridiculous excuses coming through

Cross country team takes on Oregon

by BRIANNA KATSUDA The cross country team began their season with a great start by sweeping District and traveling to Oregon for the Three Course Challenge. A group of sixteen athletes from the team traveled to Oregon from September 20-24th. They visited the Nike campus, saw animals at the Oregon Zoo, went to the Saturday … Continue reading Cross country team takes on Oregon

America’s nephew: North Korea (Opinion)

by AARON SEO As the unfolding of recent nuclear tests has demonstrated, North Korea is armed, dangerous, and more rogue than ever. But rogue states aren’t only third-world countries with authoritarian governments; in fact, the greatest rogue state also happens to be the greatest democracy. Let’s get this straight, though: it is undoubtedly true that … Continue reading America’s nephew: North Korea (Opinion)