Armstrong in China back in the day

by GUSTAVO ESPINOZA  Cerritos High history teacher Steven Armstrong was fully aware of what sort of new world he was entering when he crossed into Hong Kong to teach in August of 1982. After decades of isolation, the most exotic part of the Far East had opened.   “Everyday, living in China was fascinating and … Continue reading Armstrong in China back in the day

To the Moon and Back — Homecoming in Review

by LEANNE PICHAY and ANNIE LIN On Saturday, October 21st, 2017, the senior class took the school on a journey to the moon and back at our annual Homecoming Dance. With decorations that transformed the school gym into a mystical getaway and music to keep the mood going all night long, it was yet another … Continue reading To the Moon and Back — Homecoming in Review

DACA: When dreams turn to nightmares (Opinion)

by LEANNE PICHAY If I were to tell you today to leave everything—your life, your home, your family—for a land you hardly know, what would you do? For undocumented citizens, this question is a looming burden, haunting them from the moment they wake and guiding almost every decision made. The repercussions of deportation are well … Continue reading DACA: When dreams turn to nightmares (Opinion)

Stories behind a teacher’s desk

by NISA SYED The common notion is that relationships are built by communication. Socializing is a fundamental part for the majority, without a doubt.  Making conversation with our teachers is easier for some, difficult for others. Situations vary between teachers and students; it can be  easier to have “real talk” with a teacher when a … Continue reading Stories behind a teacher’s desk

Get the scoop: New study hacks

by SHREYA SHANTHARAJ As high school students, test-taking is a part of our everyday life, but what if there were ways to make this dreaded task a little bit easier? Well, according to studies, there are “hacks” that’ll make studying for a test a bit more bearable. To start off, you need to realize what … Continue reading Get the scoop: New study hacks

Student feature: Nethmi D’Alwis

by SETU PATEL The Distinguished Young Women Program, also known as DYW, was first founded in 1958 to honor high-school girls by rewarding them with scholarships for college. This year's Cerritos-Artesia DYW competition was held on Sunday, April 30, at Whitney High School. At that competition, Senior Nethmi D’Alwis won the official title and proceeded … Continue reading Student feature: Nethmi D’Alwis

Teacher feature: Mrs. Marbrey

by DEVINA MUNI TreAna Marbrey (still known by many as Ms. Hundley) is a fun, puppy-loving, caring counselor and track coach here at Cerritos High. Her passion for running dates back to her four years of track while attending Gahr High School, where she was also homecoming queen her freshman year. Marbrey grew up the … Continue reading Teacher feature: Mrs. Marbrey

To the moon and back: Homecoming Premiere

by BRIANNA KATSUDA On September 27th, the senior class released the theme of this year’s homecoming theme and announced the Top 16 girls during lunch in the quad. With a starry backdrop, the homecoming committee held a skit based off of the greek mythology of Selene, the goddess of the moon. Selene is a goddess … Continue reading To the moon and back: Homecoming Premiere

CHS welcomes an abundance of new clubs

by IRIS LIN From Chikara to Octagon to World Vision to HOSA, Cerritos High School’s enthusiastic club representatives kick off yet another school year with the annual Club Week.  Taking place in the quad during the week of September 18, this celebratory occasion gives students the opportunity to learn about the variety of clubs offered … Continue reading CHS welcomes an abundance of new clubs

Excuse me, ridiculous excuses coming through

by ANASTASIA HAN Teachers always hear the “I left it at home” and “I forgot,” but on occasion they hear completely absurd excuses. Throughout their careers, teachers encountered interesting and ludicrous responses to students’ absences, tardies, and homework. English teacher Mr. Hind, discussed a particular student who did not do his homework in a previous school … Continue reading Excuse me, ridiculous excuses coming through

Cross country team takes on Oregon

by BRIANNA KATSUDA The cross country team began their season with a great start by sweeping District and traveling to Oregon for the Three Course Challenge. A group of sixteen athletes from the team traveled to Oregon from September 20-24th. They visited the Nike campus, saw animals at the Oregon Zoo, went to the Saturday … Continue reading Cross country team takes on Oregon

America’s nephew: North Korea (Opinion)

by AARON SEO As the unfolding of recent nuclear tests has demonstrated, North Korea is armed, dangerous, and more rogue than ever. But rogue states aren’t only third-world countries with authoritarian governments; in fact, the greatest rogue state also happens to be the greatest democracy. Let’s get this straight, though: it is undoubtedly true that … Continue reading America’s nephew: North Korea (Opinion)