Cauldron: A new scoop


“Gai dan jaan” is the Cantonese term, but we know it better as the puffle cone. The puffle cone originated in Hong Kong as an addition to sweet and savory foods, such as ice-cream and fried chicken. The puffle cone is similar to waffles in that it is made with eggs and milk, but vary in additional ingredients.

Leanne Pichay takes a snap of her and her friend’s “Earl Grey Lavender” and “Sun Moon & Stars” ice creams

Soon enough, the delightful fusion made its way to the United States and to Cerritos’s latest ice cream shop, Cauldron. Creators Desiree Le and Terence Lioe left their corporate jobs and invested their savings to create Cauldron.  The seasonal flavors and fun aesthetics, such as the rose-petal shaped ice-cream and the use of liquid nitrogen, make it the perfect spot to, first, enjoy ice cream and, second, hang out with friends and family. The trip is an investment, but the ice-cream-to-satisfaction ratio is quite strong.

Flavors include: S’mores, Double Shot Chocolate, Speckled Vanilla, Pineapple Express, Vietnamese Coffee, Bone Apple Tea, Earl Grey Lavender, Sun Moon & Stars, Sea Salted Caramel Crunch, H20 Rose, Strawberry Shortcake, and Mint Chocolate Chip.

In addition, customers are also given choice as to which puffle cone they wish to try. Cauldron offers original, churro, and red velvet flavored cones.


3 thoughts on “Cauldron: A new scoop

  1. A lot of friends go here to get ice cream. It actually doesn’t look that bad, it looks good so one day I’m going to ask my mom to take me. When I end up going I want to take a picture with my treat by the wall in the picture above, and maybe post it on my instagram. – Rakayla Raphiel


  2. Dear wrriter,
    I LOVE THiS ARTICLE SO MUCH. it really makes me want to try this new ice cream place. I like how you used very descriptive words too.
    – Desiree


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