CHS welcomes an abundance of new clubs


From Chikara to Octagon to World Vision to HOSA, Cerritos High School’s enthusiastic club representatives kick off yet another school year with the annual Club Week.  Taking place in the quad during the week of September 18, this celebratory occasion gives students the opportunity to learn about the variety of clubs offered at CHS.  In addition to the veteran organizations on campus, the 2017-2018 school year is embracing six new clubs to the community as well.  


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Latinos Unidos de America

     Cultural Club

President James Gutierrez said he and his friends were inspired by their football coach, Barry Thomas, to create a Latino club on campus.  

“Our coach told us to make a culture club and we decided a Latino club, to make it more diverse,” Gutierrez said.  

The club plans on attending the Artesia Diversity Festival in October, in addition to hosting movie and game nights as well as potlucks and fundraisers.  

“The Latino community is much bigger at Cerritos than everyone thinks,” Gutierrez said. “I want to give ourselves a bigger voice and spread cultural awareness.”


National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

     Special Interests

“NAMI,” standing for National Alliance on Mental Illness, is a nation-wide organization brought to CHS by club president Michelle Kang.  

“I was interested in psychology for a while and then I had the opportunity to go to the meeting for the NAMI organization to get trained to start a club,” she said.  

Events coming up for the club include the Anaheim Health Fair, Mental Health Awareness Week, and the NAMI 5K Walk.  

“I believe people should join because there is always something you can learn either for yourself or for someone around you when it comes to physical and mental well- being,” Kang said, elaborating the point that NAMI is promoting getting rid of the stigma that surrounds mental illness.  “There are a lot of problems that go unsaid especially with the sort of cultural influence that most students here are used to. Thus, Cerritos could be an outlet, which is what NAMI is meant to be.”


Video Game Development Club (VGDC)

     Special Interest

Vice President Joseph Younan’s freshman year at CHS was the inspiration behind the Video Game Development Club.

“[As] a freshman, I would go home engulfing myself in video games all day,” said Younan.  

The club intends to organize competitive tournaments for members, along with visiting USC’s Cinematic Art School as a field trip.

“I realized a lot of people here [at CHS] play video games too,” said Younan.  “So why not just make a club where everyone can play video games together?”


Mock Trial

     Special Interests

Co-President Anastasia Han’s interest in the field of law has sparked the starting of Mock Trial as a club at CHS.

“I had an interest and curiosity in law. I knew I liked public speaking and analyzing things, so I wanted to see if there was more to discover if I did Mock Trial,” Han said.  

She encourages those with an interest in law to join Mock Trial, as well as students seeking to improve their speaking, leadership, and writing skills.  

“I’m promoting the message of the importance of looking at cases on all sides, the importance of a wide perspective and teamwork,” Han said.  “My club is contributing to CHS in the fact that it’s something different. There’s MUN and speech and debate, but law is new. It’s a new area to learn about the justice system, provide an insight into future careers, something that’s educational, fun, challenging.”


2.5 Dimensioners

     Special Interests

“[The] anime world is two dimension, the world we live in is three dimension.  As anime lovers, we are in between,” said Vice President Jacqueline Ma, devising the official name of Cerritos High School’s anime club.

President Sunny Gai, disappointed in the discontinuation of the campus’s previous anime club, decided to make her own.

“I am someone that’s really into anime.  I want to find people with the same interest as me,” Gai said.  

In addition to hosting movie nights and karaoke, 2.5 Dimensioners is planning a field trip to Little Tokyo and having a cosplay show in celebration of Halloween.

“Anime is something that combines art, literature, and technology together.  We want to cultivate some people that can create something different and utilize their imagination,” Gai said.  “I want to make the people that have creativity to benefit the world.”


Red Cross

      Special Interests

After a year without Red Cross club at Cerritos High School, Co-President Kathleen Vo is bringing it back on campus.  

“My time volunteering with the local Long Beach RC inspired me to to start up the RC club again at Cerritos High. I wanted to give the students of CHS the opportunity to also volunteer with this great organization because it helped me develop in many ways as a person,” Vo said.  

The club is planning on participating in blood drives, disaster preparation, and veteran or military related events.  

Vo stresses the fact that Red Cross is not your typical service club.

“Not only did it allow my love for service to grow, it allowed me to learn new skills and meet new people.”

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