Excuse me, ridiculous excuses coming through


Teachers always hear the “I left it at home” and “I forgot,” but on occasion they hear completely absurd excuses. Throughout their careers, teachers encountered interesting and ludicrous responses to students’ absences, tardies, and homework.

English teacher Mr. Hind, discussed a particular student who did not do his homework in a previous school in which he worked. The student’s parent decided to excuse her son from missing homework because on that day he had been arrested for joyriding.

Furthermore, not only do teachers hear ill-thought-out excuses, but counselors face this phenomenon.  Assistant principal and counselor Mr. Baek mentioned a student who requested a schedule change  because she claimed she could not take hard classes in the morning because she “was just not a morning person.” Also, during counseling sessions, Mr. Baek has been told by students that they wanted to apply to certain colleges based on where their friends were going. He has also heard many tardy excuses from students blaming their parents for being late.

Counselors and teachers may have to hear various excuses, but P.E coaches hear them most. Complaining about exercising, especially the mile run, is a frequent student ritual. There are, however, several students who provide tangible excuses, consisting in the form of notes. Ever wonder where those notes go? Students would assume they would go in the trash, but Ms. Matchett keeps a large folder with all the excuse notes she has ever received for P.E.

Most teachers are tolerant of at least some excuses, but there is one teacher who does not accept any. Before the students have a chance to say their excuse, they are immediately stopped.

“I block them,” said Jason Watanabe, history teacher.

On the other side, excuses that students have given to teachers have ranged from the reasons to leave class and have an excuse for not completing homework.

“My dog ate my homework,” Junior Gustavo Herrera said.


“I need to take an important call from a director of a movie I’m trying out for,” one Junior said. She recalled the teacher asking something to the effect of, “Wow, you act?”


She lied.


One thought on “Excuse me, ridiculous excuses coming through

  1. Why would someone say that they were getting a call from a director for a movie their trying out for? That is the MOST ridiculous lie I’ve ever heard.


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