Teacher feature: Mrs. Marbrey


TreAna Marbrey (still known by many as Ms. Hundley) is a fun, puppy-loving, caring counselor and track coach here at Cerritos High. Her passion for running dates back to her four years of track while attending Gahr High School, where she was also homecoming queen her freshman year. Marbrey grew up the middle child in a family from Cerritos.

“I have an older and younger brother who I love and can’t live without,” Marbrey said.

For college, she attended UC Riverside and studied sociology. Her love of counseling came from her interest to work in service along with her time volunteering at a high school. She saw how kids would complain about not receiving adequate help and wanted to do something to change that.

“If I could pursue any other profession in the world, I would be a sign language interpreter,” Marbrey said.

She also loves to read and travel around the world.

“I recently came back from Greece and London and if I could go back in time and change one thing, I would have chosen to study abroad in college.” Marbrey said.

Some might assume Mrs. Marbrey is obsessed with Hello kitty from looking at her desk. Her fondness of Hello Kitty came at a young age because her mom loved it and always bought her anything Hello Kitty.

“Surprisingly almost everything related to Hello Kitty on my desk are gifts from others,” she said.

Her mom gave her a graduation gift with Hello Kitty and since then, people have bought her Hello Kitty related gifts under the assumption that she is obsessed with it. In reality, she loves Hello Kitty, but she is not as obsessed as much as you think. Still, most people see Hello Kitty on her desk and continue to gift her any kind of related items.

Mrs. Marbrey is one of the most caring counselors at this school and puts a lot of passion into helping others with her bubbly attitude.

“I am someone who sees the glass half full which helps me guide my students.” 

2 thoughts on “Teacher feature: Mrs. Marbrey

  1. Wow, this is actually pretty interesting! It’s cool how Mrs. Marbrey was homecoming queen in her freshmen year, and is a track coach at CHS. She seems like a fun teacher. I hope I will get to see her at CHS while I am here.


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