To the moon and back: Homecoming Premiere


On September 27th, the senior class released the theme of this year’s homecoming theme and announced the Top 16 girls during lunch in the quad.

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With a starry backdrop, the homecoming committee held a skit based off of the greek mythology of Selene, the goddess of the moon. Selene is a goddess who is in love with a mortal named Endymion who is asleep forever. The different gods are looking for Selene because her absence has ruined farmers’ crops. When they finally find her, she announces her decision to stay with Endymion and “retire” from her job as the moon. Therefore, she needs to decide which one of her sixteen daughters will take over her job as the moon.

During the performance, Katelyn Robinson sang, “Fly Me to the Moon,” following the theme of “To the Moon and Back.” There was also a fashion show to display different outfits students can wear to match the theme. Most of the girls were wearing black and blue dresses to go with the space and dark theme.

At the conclusion of the premiere, they announced the top sixteen senior girls who will be candidates for the title of Homecoming queen. The top 16 girls are: Janelle Angaco, Kristen Bales, Abby Castillo, Cassidy Chansirik, Marie Chu, Nethmi D’Alwis, Amber Han, Ally Hayakawa, Brianna Katsuda, Michelle Kim, Patricia Ku, Jade Magana, Tori Pavon, Martina Pedrina, Alison Tang, and Lauren Waites.

Abby Castillo was surprised that she was nominated for one of the top 16 girls.

I wasn’t expecting it at all, but I’m so thankful for it. Also, shoutout to Calvin for the flower; it totally wasn’t planned,” she said.

There will be a rally in the East gym on October 6th where the Top 5 girls will be announced.

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