Band: Meet the instruments


The Cerritos Regiment of Gold at Cerritos High is an award winning band looking to earn another championship this year. Band members commit a good amount of their lives to band and try their hardest, but that makes one wonder certain things like: With so many choices, what is the best instrument to play?

Best Instrument? Based on a survey among band members, many players at CHS think the saxophone is the best instrument to play, mainly because of its beautiful sound. There are a total of nine types of saxophones—ranging from the high soprano to the low baritone—so there’s one for almost any sound preference. The saxophone is not the lightest nor the heaviest instrument. It sounds just right (the “Goldilocks” of instruments?) and makes everyone want to stop and listen. The mallets were a close second in the survey, also producing a beautiful sound and really complete the band with its full sound.

Heaviest Instrument? The heaviest instrument, of course, would be the tuba, which takes immense strength to play.  If you want to march with this instrument, you’ll need a lot of strength, and gains aren’t loyal. 

Which instruments collects the most spit? With most of the instruments, they require a lot of air to produce the right sound.  A lot of air often means a lot of spit. Surprisingly, the trumpet produces the most spit out of all the instruments in band even though it’s relatively small. This explains the constant need to clear the spit valves.  A smart (gross) price to play for that loud, beautiful sound.

Overall, playing any kind of musical instrument has many perks to it. It can increase the capacity of your memory, teach you perseverance, sharpen your concentration skills, and allow you to express yourself creatively. For many, it acts as a stress reliever from school and life.

2 thoughts on “Band: Meet the instruments

  1. The band seems like a good environment to excel in the art of music. The different variety of instruments that are being played is what makes the ban good. I hope to see the band preform in rallies and games. – Giovanni Magana


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