Get the scoop: New study hacks


As high school students, test-taking is a part of our everyday life, but what if there were ways to make this dreaded task a little bit easier? Well, according to studies, there are “hacks” that’ll make studying for a test a bit more bearable. To start off, you need to realize what your biggest obstacle is when studying. For many, it’s themselves; if this sounds like you, consider downloading apps such as SelfControl or Cold Turkey that allow you to block websites and apps for periods of time to help you stay focused. (Get the apps here: and

Senior James Gutierrez works diligently on the computer in his Spanish class.

Now that your distractions are set aside, it’s time to get to the actual studying. Take notes in color to help remember important details; studies show that the brain responds better to color, which will help when it comes to memorization. While looking over your notes, consider listening to “study music” which is designed to increase concentration and allow for longer periods of efficiency. Another thing worth trying is making a cheat sheet that you won’t actually use on test day. Sifting through notes and a textbook to create a cheat sheet will not only force you to read the material, but will also allow you to gather your thoughts and write them down in a way that works for you.

What many don’t realize is that there are many other factors that pool into higher test scores that don’t even involve studying. First, sleeping enough hours will improve your ability to think logically come test time; this could make a huge difference on test day because you’ll be less likely to make silly mistakes. Also, make sure you’re studying early so you can avoid cramming sessions; having a strict study schedule will help you stay organized and relaxed. Lastly, something that many people don’t consider doing is varying study settings. Most people study in the same location, but studies have shown that studying in physically different places will benefit you as there is a link between atmosphere and material, simply changing locations can help break this link and allow for actual absorption of the material instead.

Although paying attention to your teachers and taking good notes is essential, having a few tricks up your sleeve can make a one-or-two point increase. And that might just make all the difference.

3 thoughts on “Get the scoop: New study hacks

  1. These kinds of hacks are going to help me by pro venting to show that different ways can help you with homework, classwork, and work. Hacks can help like if your stressing out, don’t understand, and are very confused.
    danika santos


  2. Dear informer,
    I really agree with what you said here. Putting aside something that will distract you from studying really helps me to concentrate on what I need to study. I also do much better on tests when I take a good enough sleep than when I take a bad night sleep because my brain actually works better when it gets to rest. I think taking good notes in class is also very important. If you miss good stuff in class than it’s less likely for you to study better at home and have a good grade on tests.


  3. Thank you so much for this I completely agree with all your thoughts and will most definitely use your “hacks” for my next test/quiz.


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