To the Moon and Back — Homecoming in Review


On Saturday, October 21st, 2017, the senior class took the school on a journey to the moon and back at our annual Homecoming Dance. With decorations that transformed the school gym into a mystical getaway and music to keep the mood going all night long, it was yet another dance to remember.

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For some, this was their fourth, and final, homecoming; however, Senior Angela Cong had a different perspective.

“This was my first and only homecoming so I’m glad I went. Also, it was my senior year so it was pretty memorable,” said Cong.

The photo booths remained popular as always, inviting lines of people to take photos with props to commemorate their memories. However, ASB Commissioner of Clubs and photo booth manager Justin Jung had a negative experience, recounting rude treatment at the photo booth.

“I served an average of 42 groups per hour, and in that time I got cussed at a lot,” Jung said.

Senior Neyda Sandoval recounted her positive experience.

“I really liked the setup of the decorations and I had a lot of fun dancing with my boyfriend to the music.” Sandoval said.

But for all attendees, whether with a date or without, the dance floor’s lively mood was unforgettable. As crowds danced ceaselessly until the night ended, singing along and moving to the beat of the songs until their feet ached, reprieve from the heat was given by the DJs with their continuous blasts of cold air. In short, the event was surely one to remember.

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