Cerritos’ NMSQT semi-finalists

by DEVINA MUNI The National Merit Scholar test, better known as the NMSQT, is a standardized test taken by tenth and eleventh graders that is administered by the College Board. Approximately 3.5 million students take it annually. It is an academic competition used to earn scholarships and recognition by attaining certain high scores. The PSAT … Continue reading Cerritos’ NMSQT semi-finalists

Healthy mind, healthy life

by BRIANNA KATSUDA  Rising numbers of high school students are experiencing anxiety and depression from increasing pressures from school, family, and social media. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 2 million teenagers in the United States are experiencing depression that affects their day-to-day activities and 6.3 million have an anxiety disorder. … Continue reading Healthy mind, healthy life

Trick or Treat, give me 840 hot dogs to eat

by ANASTASIA HAN Sweaty hands in gloves were set to make 840 hot dogs from 3:30pm to 5:00pm inside Artesia Park’s kitchen on Halloween. The trains of aluminum foil never ceased to end until the enormous plastic bags of buns were empty. Mountains of steaming sausages piled onto large, deep, silver trays and were placed … Continue reading Trick or Treat, give me 840 hot dogs to eat

A Step in the Right Direction: Adopt, Don’t Shop

by SHREYA SHANTHARAJ California has officially become the first state to formally ban the pet store sale of puppy mill dogs. Puppy mills are largely known as commercial dog breeding operations where profit is held at a higher status than the actual well-being of the animals. Most puppies that come from puppy mills are usually … Continue reading A Step in the Right Direction: Adopt, Don’t Shop