20 Gift Ideas for the Holidays


The holiday season is all about happiness and giving. However, it can also come with the stress of what to get for your friends and loved ones. If you are someone who doesn’t know what to buy, we are here for you! This article compiles three gift lists for your mom, dad, and last-minute Secret Santa/White Elephant ideas.

Five Gifts for your Mom (low to high price)

1. You’re going to READ your mom’s mind and get her a gift that she’ll love!81ZPFIEaFaL._SL1500_.jpg

“What I love about my mom” journal ($14)



2. You can really NAIL your gift for your mom with a nail salon gift certificate.nail-salon.jpg

Nail gift certificate ($30-35)

From any local salons


3. You would really ROCK if you bought this for your mom!Unknown.jpeg

Spa certificate (prices range)

You can get this from any local spas


4. This gift will be a big HIT!220px-Hamilton-poster.jpg

Broadway tickets to watch with your mom (prices range)



5. Get your mom perfume, it just makes SCENTS!61ZYY5LMh6L._SY606_.jpg

Daisy Marc Jacobs ($70)



Five Gifts for your Dad (low to high price)

1. We’ve got your BACK with this gift idea for your dad!

Unknown-1.jpegBackpack ($27-50)



2. WATER you doing? Hurry and buy a Hydroflask for your dad!Unknown-2.jpeg

Black Hydro Flask ($30-35)



3. Need a CHANGE from your normal presents? Buy him a wallet!

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 2.08.19 PM.png

Wallet ($30-35)



4. Buy this for your dad and he will love you a LATTE!Unknown-3.jpeg

Keurig Coffee/Tea Maker ($100-150)



5. It’s TIME to get your dad a gift he’ll love!Unknown-4.jpeg

Fitbit ($150)



Quick gifts for friends and family under $20

1. Don’t MASK your appreciation for your friends or family!27037.jpg

Face masks ($1.50-3)


2. They will get a KICK out of this gift!

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 12.28.28 PM.png

Fuzzy socks ($3-5)


Socks for men ($7-15)



3. Can’t DEAL with the stress of buying gifts?

Monopoly Deal ($5)


4. Have you had eNEFF of looking all over for the perfect gift?

Neff Beanie ($10-15)



5. This isn’t such a BAAAHHd gift to get for your family or friends!

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 12.32.27 PM.png

Lamb slippers ($13)


6. Drawing a BLANK on some gift ideas? This gift will get you COVERed!

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 12.27.22 PM.png

Cute Peanuts blanket ($20)



7. This gift is EARrisistible!

Earphone set ($10-15)



8. Go on aHEAD and buy a sports cap for a team that your friend loves.

Baseball Cap ($20)



  9. You can buy this for your CUP of tea!  

Como te llama(s) Mug ($13.84)



10. It’s time for you to finally take CHARGE and buy your favorite gift!31Nc5rgux8L._SX425_.jpg

Phone charger ($10-20)



Now that you have read through this list, we know that you will SLEIGH your gift-giving!

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