Estrada shines at wrestling


Senior Desiree Estrada is one of our school’s standout athletes.  As a member of the CHS Girls’ Wrestling team, Estrada has gained a solid reputation in league matches for the skills she executes on the mat.  The uniqueness of a sport like wrestling is the individually challenge in presents when it’s just two competitors battling drew Estrada towards wrestling.

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“I wanted to experience a sport where I felt that I could challenge myself” said Estrada.  “Soccer really was not doing it for me.”

Estrada–who has been co-captain of the wrestling team since her Junior year–has performed at the national level, a rare feat for a CHS wrestler.

Before 9th grade, Desiree excelled in jiu-jitsu tournaments.  She took part in them for a total of four years, regularly placing high in said competitions. Her first experience on a wrestling team would soon come during her Freshman year; and although she quit jiu-jitsu, the transition from martial arts to wrestling was a short-lived one. She has been on the rise ever since.

In a sport that is mostly dominated by men, “I wanted to prove to people that wrestling is not just a boys’ sport”, Desiree said; and she definitely has, as she has been able to perform better than many of her male counterparts on the team.

Estrada has only lost twice and has consistently placed no lower the second.  A loss only fuels Estrada’s desire to “rematch the girls who have managed to beat me.”

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“I believe that our school team performs better than most others in our district, despite the fact that we do not have a full team.” said Estrada. She even went as far as to say that she believes one of the reasons she has been able to wrestle better than most is that she “wrestles like a girl.” 

”Girls have a lot more to fight for when it comes to combat; and I am glad that I have been able to show that alongside the rest of the girls on the team.”

“Wrestling has definitely brought me more confidence and brought justification for my self-esteem. It has definitely made me realize that I can accomplish more than I think I can.”

Estrada said her coaches Brian Jernigan and Ramos, are the people who have believed in her most and helped her to become the athlete she is today.

Although, the evidence would point to her seeking a well-endowed future in the sport, she says that after high school, she does not see a potential future in this beloved pastime of hers.

Estrada will go on and attempt to win it all at the suburban league level later on this season.  Afterwards, she hopes to reach the national level competition once again, alongside her teammates in the Somar traveling Nationals’ Team.

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