3/14 Walkout: A Success?

Minal Patel, 12th grade Q: Did the walkout seem successful? A: Yes, because people driving by were honking and acknowledging our cause, and nearby pedestrians stopped to take pictures of our efforts. The purpose of the walkout is to show that students at Cerritos are aware of circumstances and as high school students we can … Continue reading 3/14 Walkout: A Success?

Women’s rights are more than a day

BY NISA SYED International Women's Day praises women for their hard work and reminisces the achievements of important female figures throughout history. Since the 19th century, women such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cody Stanton have fought for women's suffrage through the organization of the National Woman's Suffrage Association and the American Woman Suffrage … Continue reading Women’s rights are more than a day

Opinion: ‘Mentally Unstable’ not good enough

by IRIS LIN Another school shooting on the news.  Pictures of victims and heroic stories of saviors.  A sad loss of innocent lives at the hands of a cruel, psychotic teenager.  Right?  Wrong. Stop simply labeling kids as “mentally unstable” when the news doesn’t tell the full story and no one cares enough to find … Continue reading Opinion: ‘Mentally Unstable’ not good enough

A few changes can improve grades

by NISA SYED Going into second semester can be bittersweet. It's the time to weigh losses from first semester, but its a clean slate that enables students to work harder. There are a lot of expectations second semester, but with a few fixes, it can be easier to handle. First, having a positive attitude enables … Continue reading A few changes can improve grades