Dark sides of Addams Family delights



As a nominee of the MACY awards which recognizes and awards high school musical theatre students and productions, the Cerritos High School drama production of The Addams Family did not fail to impress. The Musical production, under the direction of John Zamora, did a spectacular portrayal of the Addams Family with a modern take. The musical consisted of humor and horror, keeping the audience invested at all times. The musical sticks to the original plot of the Addams Family, but with their own spin on it to make it more relatable and modern.

The singing, under the musical direction of Tim Trost, was definitely pleasurable to the ear. All singers stayed on key and displayed their vast ranges by shifting flawlessly from their upper to lower registers. Although every actor in the production did an amazing portrayal of their character, the role of Wednesday took the spotlight. The character Wednesday, played by freshman Liesel Arauz, took everyone’s breath away. Her spot-on facial expressions and changing personality throughout the play, made her character truly stand out. She was able to effortlessly shift from daunting and depressing to a lovestruck, happy-go-lucky teenager in a heartbeat.

Not only was the musical aspect of the production up to par, but so was the choreography produced by Nicolette Papile. The dancing was filled with passion and energy while also remaining in sync. Not one person stood out (in a bad way, that is) or drifted from their character. The musical numbers were short and simple to keep the audience’s attention span. The graceful solo of The Moon by Natalia Paz was a good temporary detour from the kooky lives of the Addams family.

The climax took place when Wednesday’s “normal” boyfriend refused to run away with her then professes his love to her by showing her that he would die for her. Of course death is a word that appeals to all members of the Addams family. The musical was filled with all kinds of drama from Wednesday’s brother changing her future mother-in-law’s personality to Wednesday’s mom, Morticia, realizing she became the person whom she feared to turn into the most: her mother. Inside all the action, many comedic scenes are apparent throughout like Gomez, the father,  having many asides to figure out how to make both his wife and daughter happy.

Everything eventually resolves itself together and gives the audience a happy ending with the wedding of Wednesday and her boyfriend Lucas.

Overall this musical was designed to be appropriate for all ages to watch. The action, the humor, and the relationships were all crazy yet, in a sense, relatable. The musical delivers a message that teaches people to live on the dark side a little because too much normal can be boring. This was definitely one of the better productions at Cerritos High. Watching proved definitely worth the time and was money well spent.

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