Khan Academy saves grades


by Andrew Song

As students, we all know the one website that saved our grade right before finals in a class that we really didn’t understand. Khan Academy has been saving students’ grades since 2006 by providing students with full access to online courses in unbelievable numbers. Ranging from chemistry to language to calculus to economics, students will be able to master these areas from a comprehensive and understandable person behind the video. Sal Khan, creator of this academy, never fails to help kids around the world. His vast areas of knowledge surprise me everyday.


Those wishing to prepare for the SAT can also reap benefits by utilizing Khan Academy. Khan Academy claims that those who spent 20 hours on their test prep website saw an average of a 115 point increase; this data is spread across the 3.7 million students they served as of May 2017. Forty percent of all students who took the SAT reported using the resources of Khan Academy.  It does not hurt when your organization is one of the few that the CollegeBoard openly recognizes, even over popular prep books like Barron’s and Princeton Review. Eight free practice tests that best match the official administered tests are located on their website,

Although the success of this organization clearly has amazing implications, a personal tutor can always trump the resources given by Khan Academy. After all, any online resource is bound to have several inherent problems arise, such as the unavailability of a rapid-fire connection and inability to address specific concerns. Videos only display a predetermined lesson with a set record of words. Thus, if a student has a specific, unique question, nobody will be able to answer his or her question. For example, a lesson regarding stoichiometry cannot help a kid if he or she has difficulty understanding the cancellation of units.  Also, the human connection between a mentor and mentee cannot be made, and students usually understand concepts better when they know the teacher. However, Khan academy’s availability and resourcefulness is unparalleled, and will continue to help students raise their B to an A.

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