Senior Wills

I, Elizabeth Abalon, leave my amazing Japanese skills to Adriene I, my inability to get a date to Kwantip Tachasooksaree, my common sense to Eva De La Rosa, and my lack of fear in asking for help from others to Vanessa Velasco.

I, Darshana Pandey, leave my well articulated Spanish skills (kind of) to one of the funniest juniors I know, Fahad Selem, and my advice to not procrastinate and to have an amazing high school experience, to Yash Bashet and Anushka Bimali.

I, Maribel Balaro, will leave my high quality quirkiness to my favorite AP US History teacher Mr. Armstrong. As well as leave weird memories of myself to all of my beloved teachers.

I, Kathleen Vo, leave my good story-telling ability and wonderful Chinese skills to sophomore Mei Chann Lao, and my wise insight and advice to my little sister, sophomore Cindy Byun.

I, Alvin Hadley, leave my iconic long hair memories to Mrs. Lake, my profound ability to procrastinate to my incoming freshman sister Desni Hadley, and my extensive knowledge of Japanese to nobody.

I, Alisha Chen, leave my pettiness to Joshua Yeo, and hopefully my boba addiction, but I’m probably taking that with me for the rest of my life.

I, JP Quimosing, leave my calculus skills to Dylan Hung. To Peter Shin, I leave my eggs. To Matthew Ongkeko, I leave my Project Zed skills. I leave Paul Shin with my good looks. To Stephen Jang, I leave my volleyball skills.

I, Pushpdant Mistry, leave my amazing sarcasm to my “favorite” Juniors, Austin Tran and William Chen, for being apart of the tuba family and getting to know such “amazing” people.

I, Tiffany Lee, leave my brains and stress-relieving methods to Jaide Lin, my jumping skills, boba addiction, and motivation to Yvonne Kuo, and my hard work to Elise Nguyen.

I, Nethmi D’Alwis, leave my speaking skills and music taste to Mark Ahumada. Rock it out here bro!

I, Harleen Takhar, leave my KTSRQs to my brother… but too bad because you can’t actually use them. Love ya lil bro. DEUCES!

I, Aditi Parikh, leave my life advice and confidence in everything to my mini mi, Yasmine Mistry, my love for MUN and adventures to Jishan Joshi, and my ability to make new friends in any class to Aditya (Adi) Suresh.

I, Kittikung Art Nontajon, leave my jokes to my favorite junior Ericka Ramirez, and seeing my best friend which is, Daphne Ayala.

I, Ryan Alvarez, leave my ongoing memes and winks to my favorite Junior, Micah Tiong, my backpack to Chakris Siriponya, and my ability to sleep in class easily to Vince Bautista.

I, Ryder Eddy, leave my ability to work hard to the entire football team at CHS, my sarcastic mean personality to Malachio Santan, Joey Hurtado, Timmy O’Donnel, Anthony Gomez, and Daniel Gomez.

I, Andrew Gomez, leave my love fore Beda Regaldo is just too cool for school.

I, Edward An, leave my notes to Howard Lin, my memories to Kenny Lee.

I, Jesus Zaragoza, leave my ideas and thoughts from quizlet to my favorite freshman Noah Perry, and my ability to stay clear from SIA’s to my favorite Junior Sebastian Diaz.

I, Denzel Balanay, leave my multimedia knowledge to my favorite junior, Vince Bautista, my truly backpack to my good friend Kainoa Reyes, and my ability to ignore everyone that tries to bother me to Kayla Casica.

I, Grace Kang, leave my ability to do the bare minimum while still getting A’s to Gasurg Mab and my secretary position to Jaide Lin.

I, Ayden Rivera, leave my young bulls a successful basketball future, and my class memories in Rogers, Toyama, Rogan, Quini, Watanabes, Wooldridge, Jernigan, Celedon, Carlson, Thomas, Armstrong, JEPSEN, Olivera, Lees, Pak, Duer, and Trost.

I, Eryn King, leave my stats notebook in its entirety, to my best friend Shamari’yah Bradley, my goofiness to my little sister, Kamari Thomas, and my speed in track, to my friend Nicole Bleu.

I, Bailey Huth, leave my knowledge of high school to my little sophomore Kaitlin R. I leave my love and heart to Rachel Colbert. Love you all.

I, John Barcelona, leave my ability to interpret Spanish to my favorite partner, Breanna Hojo, my quality writing in Spanish to Diego. My ability to speak fluently in Spanish to Radhika Shah.

I, Cristian Barrera, leave my title (fireman) and lands to the next leader of the baseball team, Matthew Pinal. I leave nothing to the rest of the school because, well, I don’t like them.

I, Rian Liao, leave behind my hopes for a very successful year to junior Jazz Garcia.

I, Ada Shido, leave behind my notes to my brother and the underclassmen I know. I will also leave behind my art to Mrs. Quiggle to inspire aspiring artists for the future.

I, Katherine Nguyen, leave all the tears I cried over college applications to my favorite juniors (Aaron Seo, Kevin Tai, Tiffany Vong, San Jon, and Ryan Ishii) and extensive critical case of senioritis to all the juniors.

I, Rajbir Johar, leave my amazing fashion sense to Diego de Browler, my humor to Connor Scroggins, and my dreams and aspirations to Tanya Ramesh.

I, Kristin Bales, leave my job as ASB Exec VP to my successor, Justin JUng, my top locker to my freshie Lionel Lee, who sits on the ground to use his locker, my meme/vine references to my besties, Hailey Sousa and Tristen Jovellanos, and lastly my ability to get to first about 10 seconds before the bell each day to again, Hailey Sousa.

I, Nicole Kim, leave coolness to my brother, Ryan.

I, Cielo Gutierrez, leave my humor, positivity and my ability to work hard to Madison Sousa.

I, Tai Nguyen, leave my social security number with Darius Blue. I leave my mother’s maiden name with Yichen Zhu. I leave the street I live with Pranit Kumquran, and main group with the band.

I, Azsa Abita, leave the glee club in the hands of Jasmine Jaramillo and Jaznelle Garcia, my constant love and gratitude for my school to my baby cousin Mya Aguina, and finally, my awesome dance moves to Leilani Keawe.

I, Christina Huang, leave my intelligence to Megan Ryan, my sarcasm to Fabian Lee, my good looks to Mia Hallaway, and my spirit to Noah Manaeaysay.

I, Inhee Cho, leave my unexplainable dances/voice to Kaitlyn Kuo, my senior year luck to Mariella Mendoza, my invisible side said to Evelyn Hsieh, my ability to cashier to double lines to Rachel Yamasaki, and my faded badminton skills to Michelle Yang.

I, Christina Cruz, leave my little brother and best friend, Christopher Lopez, with my motivation and hard-work ethic.

I, Jeffrey Wang, leave my idiot sense of humor to Pranav Surapadvi, as well as Su Lee. I also want to leave my procrastination to Kenny Nguyen, but I’ll probably be taking them with me to college.

I, Jade Magaña, leave my confidence to the lovely Mark Ahumada, my smile to the beautiful Brianna Roldah with my sarcastic humor to my hard working Mina Hanna.

I, Noah S. Kim, leave my resiliency to my favorite underclassmen, Dorothy Lu, my humor with Derek Laureola and my wits with Micah Yim.

I, Jefferson Ma, leave my toned seductive skills and pessimistic vibe to Kelvin Wang, my meat spinning abilities to Dylan Wong, my disappointing grades to Gabriel Gallegos, and what little bit of hard working mindset to Jessica Liao.  

I, Minal Patel, leave my younger sister, Hetal, an incoming freshman all the work I saved for you because I am a nice and great older sister. You’re welcome. Good luck next year.

I, Ajeeya Camba, leave my Buzzfeed quiz results to Kaitlyn Bunla, my stationary addiction to my poor desks, and aesthetically pleasing food to Gileen Perez, Allison (Junior), and Sharon Lee (Junior), and Kaitlyn again since they will enjoy watching it instead of eating it. Bless your souls.

I, Anastasia Han, leave my will to continuously learn, work hard, and improve to Tess U-Vong, my desire to help others by reaching out to Claire Lee, hugs to Rachel Yoo, and my love for debating politics to Ryan Ishii.

I, Irisa Chang, leave my sarcastic optimism to Margaret Chang, my attitude to Liam China, my ability to walk without tripping to Jaide Lin, my laziness to Yvonne Kuo (you need to chill), my leadership skills to Joy Han, all of my marching skills to my flute section, my jackets to Andy Lam, my ten collection hto Paide Sollcuto, and my luck and skills of dealing with frustrating and oppressive women to Kaitlyn Kuo.

I, Neyda Sandoval, leave my quirkiness to my favorite freshmen, Jason Sandoval, my leadership skills to Aline Pham, and my kind heart and friendliness to Gizelle Verduzco.

I, Andrea Leigh Lavadia, will leave behind my pharmacy paperwork to my brother, Aidan Lavadia, my humor to my fellow sophomore friend, Shreeya.

I, Alex Hwang, leave my favorite locker to Emily Chae (if she remembers the locker we shared last year).

I, Michael Long, leave my laziness to my Chinese buddy, Sammy Roque, because we both procrastinate too much,

I, Rohan Sankhla, leave my calculus book-which I lost sometime between 2016-2017.

I, Marie Chu, leave my good grades to Emma Yang, my ability to cope with stressful situations to Jaide Lin, my poll making skills to Angus Wu, my not too over the top persistency to Yvonne Kuo. My senior running peak to Joanne Hyunh, and my math skills to Cole Sawires Yager.

I, Maansi Shah, leave my jokes, good grades, and happiness to Ashna Shah. I will also leave my crazy adventures to Jessica Mangapit.

I, Edric Gauerlan, will pass my never-ending supply of energy to my little freshman Brian Huynh, my imbomidable will to everyone on the aquatics team, and my goodie-two-shoes morality to Hannah Kuo.

I, Bruce Tae, leave my deeper voice to Wilson Chen, my perfectly-cooked ravioli for Dusting Li, and my good luck to my love, Jade Duong.

I, Isaiah Aguilar, leave my procrastination expertise to Noah Opena, and my little good luck that got me to graduate to Ramon the big junior on the football team.

I, Isaiah Tong, pass down my dedication to going everyday to swim practices to Justin Sutano.

I, Darious Ly, leave the stains in the restroom to a junior Justin Miranda. He deserves it.

I, Ankush Tasildar, leave behind my band family and my legacy. In the past 4 years I, along with band, have secured four 1st place state titles and travelled the country performing. I wish them luck in their endeavors

I, Jymel Johnson, leave my positive attitude to my favorite junior, Matt Ryan. I’d like to leave my knowledge for sophomore, Ryan Baker.

I, Tori Pavon, leave my school to my brother, Rhys, who will be coming here next year as a freshman.

I, Niamh Kim, leave my colorguard and dancing skills to Jaznelle Garcia and Maggie Hartono! Good luck to both of you guys and even though we drifted apart this year since I quit colorguard, I still love you and have fun senior year! ❤

I, Christopher Lee, leave my hard-working Drum Major Skills to John Ryan Bautista, and my marching skills to Marc Barcelos.

I, Daisy Salas, leave my sarcasticness to Asia Ragland and my Spanish skills to Disha.

I, Jason Ly, leave my thanks and regards to Jayden Lee, Chakris Siripanya, and Keona Nguyen.

I, Jacob Yang, leave behind my poor work ethic and non-existent study habits for Justin Sutanto.  

I, Desiree Monae Estrada, leave behind all my jokes to Joe Cuadres and Angel Castillo.

I, Charles Barjon, leave my “Blast-double” wrestling move to my partner Tim Jang.

I, Rain Choi, leave my flexing skills to Jordell, ice brakes to Matthew, and my new shoes to Karthik.

I, Aliya Enache, leave my sarcasm to Amans Pedroza

I, Kalea Trias, leave my perseverance to my basketball girls.

I, Mariam Raza, leave my humor and knowledge to Asai Ragland and my patience to Maryam Awimi.

I, Janelle Angcaco, leave my corny jokes to my favorite sophomore, Kaley Rivera (my twin!), my dance moves to my song little sisters, Brooklyn Keme and Emery Lee, my leadership to Josephine Kim, and my hard-working skills to Sasha Nielson.


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