August SAT Angers CHS Students

by Andrew Song Hundreds of thousands of students are enraged over a potential cheating scandal on the SAT that occurred on August 24 across the nation. Collegeboard has been confirmed of being guilty of reusing the international 2017 Asia test, allegedly giving some students an advantage and even a handicap large enough to give somebody … Continue reading August SAT Angers CHS Students

The Miseducation of US History Students (Opinion)

by Chinemerem Nwanze In 2017, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) released a report titled “Teaching Hard History: American Slavery” as part of the Teaching Tolerance Project. The study yielded stunning results about how slavery is discussed - or better yet, not discussed adequately enough - in American schools. Among the shocking results were: Only … Continue reading The Miseducation of US History Students (Opinion)