Anticipation for Fallout 76


by Oscar Guerrero

     In Bethesda’s latest addition to the Fallout franchise players will be able to explore an apocalyptic Virginia as a dweller from vault 76 which has purposefully been opened for the reason of human civilization being rebuilt after the nuclear destruction of an atomic war. The newest and greatest change to the game is that players will be able to play cooperatively with friends in the same world and it is entirely multiplayer.The same game will have about 20 players playing at once but it should be noted that the size of Fallout’s map is considerably large so you won’t be bumping into another person every five minutes. The game has been designed to still simulate the feeling of survival without the worry other players with better weaponry attacking you constantly.  

When Fallout 76 was announced to be entirely multiplayer fans of the series had several questions: how will settlements be constructed, will pvp affect newer players, and what about those nuclear armaments? The settlement system was first implemented in fallout 4 and it allowed players to construct towns for settlers to live in and from which players could obtain better armor and weapons through venders. The settlements themselves were tethered to a specific location and could not be moved around which is changed in Fallout 76 to accommodate the bigger and changing world. Settlements are built with a device called the C.A.M.P. which allows players to build their homes virtually anywhere and still have the ability to move it around with ease. This device will also save a player’s settlement when exiting the game and will keep it in the same spot upon re entering.  PvP has interesting new mechanics of engagement which punish those who would wish to ruin the experience of other players by instituting beginner damage which gives those being attacked the option to ignore the assault and take reduced damage or return fire and receive the normal amount of damage. If an attacker still is able to kill someone who doesn’t engage in the firefight then the attacker will be able to loot the other player’s junk which is mostly materials for crafting but this comes at a cost. Those who kill others who do not wish to fight will be marked on the world’s map as a rogue player and other players will be given a reward for killing the rouge. The reward itself comes from the rogue player’s personal stash of caps (a currency used to purchase items from vendors) which is meant to discourage players for attacking those who choose not to fight. The damage system itself is also to be balanced between PvP and PvE because there would eventually be big gaps in the qualities of weapon and armor for example a high level player in the game has a minigun and full set of power armor while a lower leveled player may just have a knife and jacket. This obvious gap between the possibility of winning a firefight is pulled together by balances that make a player with a minigun able to deal a bit more  damage than the player with the knife rather than mowing down the other player in an instant.

The biggest issue in the game was the addition of usable nuclear warheads which actually play a more supportive tool rather than a weapon. When using a nuke the surrounding area will change temporarily with harder enemies but also increased loot from those areas. The nuclear missiles themselves can only be obtained through finishing extensive quests and collecting launch code missiles in order to access a missle silo.

Fallout 76 is set to launch November 14, 2018 and both veterans and newcomers alike are preparing their schedules to fit in what is hopefully another great addition to the fallout franchise.

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