iPhone updates reveal minor changes

by Chris Amaro

iPhone XS/XS max

This year apple decided to change up the standard naming system for the iPhone. Instead of going with the iPhone X plus they went with the iPhone XS max yet, it is still unclear why the name switch was warranted. There are two iPhone XS models: the 5.8-inch XS and the new iPhone XS Max, which has a much larger 6.5-inch display. The new iPhones are said to be slight upgrades over last years iPhone X model and some of the changes include a new camera sensor and a faster processor.

Although the two new iPhones are set to be very similar, such as having the same camera and processor, there are still a few differences between the phones with the main difference being the size of the phones. The iPhone XS Max has a longer lasting battery than its counterpart, with the battery life lasting around 12 hours, and is the same size as the iPhone 8. The phones have the same OLED as the iPhone X but the XS Max display will be slightly bigger. The display seems to be getting high reviews with one critic saying, “It’s absolutely killer for watching videos or playing games on its huge, gorgeous display. I love it.”

However, the size of the phones do contain some negative aspects. Pulling down notifications is said to be a struggle but, Apple has a reachability feature on the phone so it is not to much of a hassle. Other negatively perceived aspects about the phone is how it does not take advantage of the big display. instead of being able to add more apps to the dock or the page it makes the apps and wording bigger. One of the main complaints about the iPhone X was that it scratched too easily. With the newest models this should be less of an issue because they are built to be more durable. Another improvement over the iPhone X is the Face ID which is know slightly faster and has a secondary person mode to allow another face. One of the biggest differences between the iPhone X and the newer models is the camera. The iPhone XS/Max is said to have a significantly better camera than the iPhone X yet according to critics is still nowhere near the camera of the galaxy S9. Another difference with the camera is portrait mode which will now blur out backgrounds. The iPhone XS will start at $999, while the XS Max with 512 GB will cost $1,449

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