Seniors Kuo and Gomez: Leading Together

BY Tess U Vongcharoen Seniors Patricia Marie Gomez and Yvonne Kuo are not your ordinary high school students. Not only are they honor students, but they also hold the title of Secretary Generals for Model United Nations and Presidents for the National Honor Society Club. Their journeys to these positions were taken on different pathways. … Continue reading Seniors Kuo and Gomez: Leading Together

Chicken Vs. 치킨

BY ISABELLA GARCIA It’s that time of year when we eat with our families and engage in the many questions about our lives that no one wants to answer. Such things can lead to the casual family arguments or something that can turn ugly. But, Thanksgiving foods, make it all worthwhile! Turkey, Mashed potatoes, and … Continue reading Chicken Vs. 치킨

Feature: Mia Hathaway

BY OLIVIA JAIME Senior Mia Hathaway is currently involved in MUN, Educators Rising Program, and is Captain of Varsity Yell. Hathaway has participated in Varsity Song since her freshman year. With a background in competitive All Star cheerleading and gymnastics, Hathaway joined Varsity Yell for her junior year.  She had been doing gymnastics for eight … Continue reading Feature: Mia Hathaway