Feature: Mia Hathaway


Senior Mia Hathaway is currently involved in MUN, Educators Rising Program, and is Captain of Varsity Yell. Hathaway has participated in Varsity Song since her freshman year. With a background in competitive All Star cheerleading and gymnastics, Hathaway joined Varsity Yell for her junior year.  She had been doing gymnastics for eight years until she realized she much rather enjoyed floor and tumbling rather than bars and beam.

“I chose to change to yell because I wanted to challenge myself with something new. After being on Varsity Song for two years, I wanted to try yell,” Hathaway said.

Hathaway was recently crowned Homecoming Queen, which she felt was an honor to be chosen. She was also crowned princess her junior year for the 2018 Winter Dance.

Hathway feels her biggest accomplishment in high school career was making it onto the MUN Nationals Team and given the opportunity to debate in New York for the Nationals conference.

“Upon joining the MUN class as a freshman, I never thought I would have made it onto the nationals team. It was an amazing feeling to see my name on the list,”  Hathaway said.         

Hathaway plans to one day become a teacher or administrator because she feels there aren’t enough African-American teachers.  Specifically, she wants to teach at the elementary school level.

“Growing up, I had no teachers that looked like me, and I know that seeing representation of themselves in an authoritative position can be extremely beneficial to children.”         

Three words that Hathway would use to describe herself would be dedicated, outgoing, and spirited, and her fellow teammates would agree.

“Mia is unlike anybody I’ve ever met. She is very well-rounded,” Sophomore Tanya Sankhla said.

Many other people notice these particular qualities in her because Hathway was offered to become a staff member during the United Spirit Association (USA) cheer camp in August 2018, and it wasn’t her first time.

Mia Hathaway is glad to have spent her four years at Cerritos High School with all of her accomplishments.  

“Cerritos High school is definitely an experience I will never forget.”

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