Seniors Kuo and Gomez: Leading Together

BY Tess U Vongcharoen

Seniors Patricia Marie Gomez and Yvonne Kuo are not your ordinary high school students. Not only are they honor students, but they also hold the title of Secretary Generals for Model United Nations and Presidents for the National Honor Society Club.

Their journeys to these positions were taken on different pathways. Patricia began her journey in Model United Nations as early as 7th grade when she joined the History DS program at Carmenita Middle School. As time passed, she found MUN to be a rewarding experience, where one can improve their communication skills, increase their confidence level, and meet new people.

Unlike Patricia, Yvonne did not start MUN as a middle schooler, but as a freshman. Having gotten a later start in MUN than her other peers, she is proud of her accomplishment of receiving the highest position of Secretary General. As for NHS, both presidents joined because they noticed that it was different from other community service clubs on campus. National Honor Society recognizes students not only for their merit, but also their character, community service, leadership, and scholarship. Yvonne and Patricia appreciated the organization and prestige of NHS, which motivated them to pursue a position in the club.

Although Yvonne and Patricia are outstanding high school students, neither of them ever imagined becomings Presidents of NHS or Secretary Generals for MUN. Being in charge of huge groups, Yvonne and Patricia have learned to work well with one another. So far, Yvonne has been focusing on the tasks of MUN, while Patricia has been taking on the duties of NHS. Patricia and Yvonne use their skills to not only assist in the balance their workload, but also assist each other to the best of their abilities.

“We want to end this year stronger than we started, and not only live up to the reputations, but also keep the legacies,” Gomez said.

Although their high school career is quickly coming to an end, their journeys in NHS and MUN won’t end here. Both account these programs for helping them become better communicators and getting them out of their comfort zone; “Without these programs, I would not be the person I am today.” From going to Nationals to assisting at the local Halloween carnival, National Honor Society and Model United Nations will be a vital part of Patricia Gomez’s and Yvonne Kuo’s lives that they both will never forget.

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