Thursday is the Friday

BY Tess U-Vongcharoen

Thanksgiving is a time of giving and thanks; but right after the turkeys are cut and bellies are full, thousands of people rush to department stores and outlets to get the best deals. Although Black Friday marks the start off of discounts, more stores have been opening their stores on Thursday night.

For my Black Friday experience of 2018, I visited Citadel Outlet. Annually, the outlet hosts a Moonlight Madness event, where customers can shop from 8pm on Thursday night to 10pm on Friday night. A 26-hour shopping experience. However, in order to beat the crowds I arrived at Citadel at 2 p.m. By this time, most stores were already open and were offering huge discounts. Popular stores, such as Adidas to Disney, had relatively short lines with no wait to enter the store. Hands down, the best deal was at Kate Spade, an expensive and high quality purse brand. Kate Spade offered a discount of 70% off with an additional 25% off each product. I was able to buy a wallet that was originally $130 for a price of $30.

As I continued my shopping experience and the sun came down, lines were out the door by 6p.m. One of the longest lines of the night was at the Nike Store, which had a line all the way to the parking lot. According to one shopper, “The line for Nike is as long as the one for Space Mountain at Disneyland.” With a sale of 40% of all Nike products, people were willing to wait in their extremely long line. Excited for the deal, I stood in the line, but as 20 minutes passed by and the line didn’t move, I eventually gave up. However, for most shoppers, the Nike store had the deal of the season.

Not only were eager shoppers at Citadel Outlet, but also news channels, such as CBS Los Angeles and Fox News, who were eager to show their viewers a glimpse of the packed outlet. By 8pm, which was when the entire outlet officially began their sale, I was done with all my shopping. I tackled all the stores that were open before 8 p.m. and was able to grab great deals, saving hundreds of dollars. The next time you go shopping on Black Friday, or even on Thursday, make sure to arrive early. Arriving early will not only save your time, but also allow you to have first-hand picks on sale products.

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