Boba: A Series

BY Tess U-Vongcharoen

If you live on either the East Coast or West Coast, you should be familiarized with the popular drink: boba. But maybe you’re wondering, “What is boba?” Boba are balls of tapioca that are found in drinks, ranging from smoothies to teas. The drink was originally created in the 1980s in Taiwan, and eventually popularized in the United States in the 1990s. On the East Coast, these drinks are known as bubble tea; while on the West Coast, they are referred to as boba, or boba tea. In Cerritos and surrounding cities, there are several boba shops less than a mile from each other, with them being popular hangout locations. Both coasts are lined with boba shops, but which spots are the best in our area? Our ongoing series will feature boba ratings from our news staff and other CHS students, I will give my opinion and ratings of boba shop in our local area. Ratings will be updated as new reviews are collected.

Our first stop is Tastea, a newer shop in Artesia next to Yogurtland. With their unique green boba, it has definitely found its way to stand out among other boba shops. At my last visit, I ordered the Yummy Gummy smoothie with boba. The smoothie was delicious, with a combination of orange, raspberry, and passion fruit with peach bits, that fulfilled my sweet tooth. I recommend that you order a honey boba if you have a sweeter tooth; the regular boba does not have much flavor.  Samuel Tang, Cerritos High School alumni, class of 2015, tried the Strawberry Sensation smoothie. “I liked this drink, compared to other smoothies, because it had actual pieces of strawberries in it,” said Tang. Additionally, boba lover and Senior Justin Jung, has agreed to join my on my boba journey. Justin Jung tried Tastea’s #1 drink, Peach Me Sweet Tea with honey boba. According to Jung, “The boba balls are the right size and in terms of texture and consistency, they are close to perfect. Also, “half sweetness” is perfect for my taste.” Tastea offers a variety of teas, such as jasmine and black tea, but I believe that Tastea is the perfect location for smoothies and fruit teas. Unlike other boba shops, Tastea uses real fruit, instead of flavored syrups. Next time you are craving a fruit smoothie or tea, make sure to stop by Tastea.

Taste TesterDrinkRating: 1-5
Samuel TangStrawberry Sensation4/5
Justin JungPeach Me Sweet Tea3.5/5
Tess U-VongcharoenYummy Gummy4/5

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