Boba Ratings: An Update

BY Tess U-Vongcharoen

The next stop on my boba journey is ShareTea, one of the most popular boba shop in Cerritos, California. Originally established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1992, ShareTea has internationalized its franchising by branching over to 18 nations, ranging from the United Kingdom to Australia.

ShareTea lover and Junior Minh-Thy Vo visits the shop at least once a week and always orders her favorite drink, Green Milk Tea with boba. Not a fan of sweets, Vo loves that ShareTea gives guests the opportunity to customize the sweetness of the drink with a choice of 100%, 80%, 50%, 30%, or 0%. With specific orders, she requests her drink with a sweetness of 30% and less ice. Additionally, Senior Justin Jung, tried one of ShareTea’s Top 10 drinks, Hawaii Fruit Tea, which is a combination of pineapple, orange, and grapefruit. Unfortunately, the drink consisted of fruit pulps that Jung was not a fan off. Just like Vo, I have a go-to drink, Classical Pearl Black Milk Tea with a sweetness of 80%. In the “boba world,” Boba Milk Tea, is one of the most generic drinks, but I think ShareTea has some of the best milk teas within the city of Cerritos. Unlike TasteTea, ShareTea does not have green boba, but it does offer the option of mini boba. If you are not a fan of the chewiness of boba, mini boba may be the perfect option for you.  

Next time, you are visiting ShareTea, be prepared for a long line. The shop always has a line out the door and without luck on your side, it is impossible to find a seat in the small shop. However, if you are prepared for the wait, make sure to take advantage of their stamp cards and use Yelp Check-In in order to get 10% off your drink.

Taste TesterDrinkRating: 1-5
Minh-Thy VoGreen Tea Milk Tea 5/5
Justin JungHawaii Tea2.5/5
Tess U-VongcharoenClassic Pearl Black Milk Tea4/5

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