Q & A: Mr. Pak

By Isabella Garcia

Where is your family from? Korea.

How old are you? Old enough.

Whats your favorite thing about you? I am a nice guy.

If you could survive off of three types of food for the rest of your life, what would they be? Rice, meat and vegetables.

What hobby is your favorite? Surfing.

How long have you surfed? I learned when I was 14.

How did you learn? Just with people in the neighborhood.

Who inspired you to start teaching? A good teacher in high school.

How hard was it to continue through school? It wasn’t easy and I wasn’t getting good grades in the beginning; and then I had to shape up.

When did you officially become a teacher? 1989.

Why did you become a teacher? I had an opportunity to become a teacher through an internship.

What advice would you give to an aspiring teacher? To remember that dealing with kids is better than dealing with adults.

How do you deal with difficult times when teaching? Teaching is a decent and rewarding job. I can provide for my family…and the vacation.

What keeps you going while teaching? My family and that teaching is kind of fun at times, though it’s not an easy job. Any day is how you make it.

Can you tell a difference between the students that care and those who don’t? Yes, but sometimes it is hard because many just want a good grade.

What would you be if you weren’t a teacher? I don’t know. Maybe a musician.

What is the most difficult kind of student? Those who don’t listen in class.

What’s the most important issue in society? There is so much deception in the world that it is hard to find the truth of what is going on, but it’s important to find what’s really going on.

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