Boba Update #3


Our third boba shop is Ding Tea in Artesia, California. Founded in 2004 by Mr. Zu Wui-zinag, he prides his consistent quality throughout his franchises throughout China and the United States. Located in a small plaza, Ding Tea is one of the less busy boba shops in Artesia.

Boba lover and Senior Devina Muni visits Ding Tea at least once a month and always orders the Jasmine Green Milk Tea with golden boba (honey boba). “I like their ratio of boba to drink. Usually, when I go to other boba shops, I always have leftover boba stuck at the bottom of my cup.” One of the things that she enjoys most about Ding Tea is their peaceful environment. Recently, Muni has been visiting Ding Tea almost every day in order to finish her AP Literature project with her fellow classmates.

I tried their Signature Milk Tea with boba with 100% sweetness. Compared to most boba shops, Ding Tea offers their guests stronger teas. For example, ShareTea’s sweetness of 80% for milk tea tasted the same as Ding Tea’s sweetness of 100%. Although Ding Tea’s tea may be stronger, their golden boba balances out the bitterness by bringing out the sweetness that was missing. Additionally, Ding Tea’s golden and semi-transparent boba is relatively smaller compared to regular boba offered at other locations.

Ding Tea offers similar customer service and drinks as ShareTea, but their quality and busyness does not rank the same. Both shops offer their guests an opportunity to not only customize the sweetness of their drinks, but also their ice level. Additionally, you can find fruit teas and milk teas at both locations. Based off of opinions of several Cerritos High School students, ShareTea reigns supreme over Ding Tea. However, if you’re looking for a quiet place to finish your homework while enjoying boba, Ding Tea is the perfect location.

Taste TesterDrinkRating
Devina MuniJasmine Green Milk Tea with Golden Boba4/5
Tess U-VongcharoenSignature Milk Tea with Golden Boba3.5/5

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