Boba Review: Update #4

The fourth stop on our boba journey is 7-Leaves in Artesia, California. Although 7-Leaves is relatively new with its first opening in 2011, the franchise has been able to make a name for itself across Orange County and eastwards to Nevada and Texas. Unlike local boba shops, the 7-Leaves in Artesia consists of a drive-thru and has early opening times starting from 7 A.M.

Junior, Caroline Mendoza’s go-to drink is the Japanese Matcha Soy, which is a combination of boosting matcha and organic soy milk. “The milk does not overpower the tea and I can taste the matcha, rather than just powder mixed with water.” Mendoza also enjoys that 7-Leaves offers their guests more bang for their buck, with less ice and more tea for each order. Matcha lover, Cindy Byun, also recommends the Japanese Matcha Soy with boba; “it’s both refreshing and perfect with or without boba.” Personally, I like to take advantage of their early opening times and order their House Coffee, which is a traditional Vietnamese iced coffee with a layer of sea-salt cream. With espresso beans, the drink is relatively strong and is sure to wake one up before school.

Generally, boba shops are known for perfect hang-out or study spots, but unfortunately, getting your work done at 7-Leaves is a little difficult. If you come in the middle of the day, expect a lot of chatter and all the tables to be filled. The boba shop is a perfect location to complete a group project, but not for a study-cram session the night before your final. Additionally, the parking at 7-Leaves is a nightmare. At the corner of Artesia and Norwalk Blvd, the small plaza offers few and small parking spaces; the best option is to go through the drive-thru. 7-Leaves offers their guests great drinks and an assortment of macarons, but expect a long wait.

Taste TesterDrink Rating
Caroline MendozaJapanese Matcha Soy with Boba4/5
Cindy Byun Japanese Matcha Soy with Boba 4/5
Tess U-VongcharoenHouse Coffee4/5

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