Senior wills: Class of 2019

I, William Park, leave all my love and support to my younger brother, Minsoo Park.

I, Mauro Alaman, leave my high quality love to my old soccer team.

I, Uriel Vera, leave my personality and pencil to my favorite junior, Arline.

I, Alyzza Cipriaso, leave my confusion and air-head qualities to Alyssa Sarigumba.

I, Sami Oh, leave my broken nails to Liz Luan, and my rotten mangoes and Buten to Ethan Reyes.

I, Hannah Carroll, leave my ability to persevere through basketball to Hayley Carroll. Good luck man, for real, you’ll need it.

I, Allen Serrano, leave my adequate acting skills, the fake money which I owe, and my attention span (she really needs it) to future police officer, Katherine Lunares. I leave my terrible humor and memes to my little brother Matthew Vong. Lastly, I leave my awkwardness and my ability to walk out of my house at 7:40 and still make it to school on time to my pamangkin, Elijah Ting.

I, Carli Meacham, leave my easy ability to balance school and fun and my nurturing personality to Sophia Munoz. I keep my inside jokes and my creative writing book to Kaitlin Reyes.

I, Nicole Meacham, leave my drive to do good senior year to my favorite juniors Sophia Munoz and Kaitlin Reyes. I leave both of them with good vibes so they can have an amazing senior year,

I, Preeti Sivakumar, will leave behind my smiles and laughter to Katie Wong, my wonderful and extravagant psych and stats buddy.

I, Ryan Ishii, leave my booming loud voice to Leilani Morante, my annoying, stupid, but funny sarcasm to Su Lee. I leave my over-dramatic, panic attack self to Teia Poblete, and my half-sheet of paper to Eric Lee.

I, Devina Muni, leave my love for mint chip ice cream to Tess Uvongcharoen and my Netflix binge watching skills to my buddy, Samantha Chen. I leave my love for recycling to Liz Luan.

I, Kainoa Reyes, leave my weird, terrible humor to Zach Gordo, my amazing magic tricks and Pokemon cards to Daniel Victoria, my dumbness and stupidity with Roy Garcia, and my passion for the ocean with Ben Ibarra.

I, Ami Patel, leave my amazing cross country skills to Oshini. I leave my club to Mei. I leave my sense of humor to Katie.

I, Nick Curiel leave my sense of humor to Angel Kim because she needs it. I also leave the legacy of my last name to my brother Mateo. I leave all my spirit and love for this school to the graduating class of 2020.

I, Elisa Lien leave my love of Disney to my favorite Junior, Megan Sutandor and hope for the best to the Dance Drill Team who was like my second family.

I, Adam Lavadia leave my wanting for thrill and being a party animal to my man Jonathan Van Tassle, the joy in seeing my friends happy to Eliza Lim and the ability to be optimistic even through thick and thin to Iyen Chou. Thanks

I, Rosy Avalos, leave my favorite freshman Kaitey Cuevas my lack of paying attention, my extensive sports notes to James Tac, (Love you) and my RBF to my bestie, Crystal Espiranza

I, Ian Nunez leave my ability to actually show up to school to the Junior Holmes Jake, James and Arthur

I, Kim Namjoon, state, “Don’t let negative vibes bring you down. Love yourself. Speak Yourself. Because why spend your time love and effort on something that wouldn’t last.”

I, Niki Ibarra, leave all my love and affection to my favorite person in the world, the sophomore, Lauren Lejano, my encouragement and hard work to sophomore, Ben Ibarra, and my advice and car rides to freshman, Makayla Sur. Make the best out of everyday in High School  even when its rough. It really goes by quick. Love you Babes!

I, Tye Anderson, say that 200 buildin’ is straight trippy be careful.

I, Kennedi Blackburn, leave my sense of comfort and independence to Elisha Chong, my sense of humor to Maxwell Shea, my loving school spirit to Victoria Costa, Lionel Lee, and Mina Hannah, my love of theatre to the amazing Leisel and last but not least, I leave my procrastination, sarcasm, and love of God and my calm nature to Samantha Chang.

I, Lisa Han, leave my cherish-able memories to my friends and teachers who had made my high school experience unforgettable.

I, Amari Kumkom, leave behind my most memorable memories I had made with my friends and teachers.

I, Emily Flores, leave a piece of my happiness to Mr.Shinn in hopes he continues to prosper. I leave this school to the underclassmen in hopes they appreciate their academic privilege. As I leave this school no matter the amount of good and bad memories, I hope this place keeps pushing our more successes.

I, Elise Gibbs, leave my spanish binder and softball captain title to Essence Gibbs, and my sarcasm and work ethic to Erin Gibbs

I, Priya Chauhan, leave the best bass clarinet section to Karen. To the rest of the Band, you can take some of my good luck because I have too much sometimes.

I, Daniel Mapa, leave my high school stress mentality to junior Elisha Chong.

I, Nisa Syed, leave the last bit of bravery left in me to Jessie Liao and Jane Zhao to help them in their final stride of MUN. My ability to procrastinate on an assignment until the night before it’s due to Alicia Cruz and Jessica Shai.

I, Nicole De Leon, leave my cheesy jokes to my buddy Samantha, my pet goat to Aidan, my drama-free life to Gabie, my workout motivation to Rachel, lack of time to watch movies to Darryl and my ability to deal with band for four years to my clarinet freshies.

I, Tristen Inthavong-Patricio, leave behind my ability to procrastinate and still get everything done to every single junior here. Let the Senioritis spread.

I, Maggie Hartono leave my locker combo to my LITTLE FREA Freshman little brother, my Octagon treasurer position to Kyli Joe, and my lack of ability to go out to hang to Darryl Linardi.

I, Jessica Hizon, leave my energetic and bubbly personality to my favorite monotone Sophomore, Joshua So and my de-stressing abilities to Elijah Ting and Anjali Mahl.

I, Patricia Marie Gomez, leave my resilience from overcoming obstacles to my 2nd-period freshmen class (They’ll need it!). My ability to see the happiness in stressful planning to Tess and Jamil, my gratitude to my teachers, and the great memories to my senior class of 2019, especially Lauren, Sharon, Diana, and Chris.

I, Lily Alvarez, leave my tracks and a piece of my heart with all my teachers, librarians, and office members. Everyone will be missed sincerely.

I, Armani Magana, leave Giovanni Magana the best advice I learned throughout my high school experience which is to be kind, after coldly deciding what counts for kindness in this situation.

I Kaitlyn Bunla, Leave my brother Ethan Bunla to retain my legacy as all I ever do is eat in class.

I, Stephen Johnston, leave all my love for Darius Hammonds and Angelo Serrano, my favorite juniors at Cerritos High School.

I, Jenna Barakat leave my jokes and words of wisdom to my favorite little sophomore, Renee Reddy.

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