Track and Field athletes recognized

By Olivia Jaime

The year is coming to end which means that sports seasons are ending as well, including track and field. Last Thursday night (May 30), at Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel, Cerritos Track and Field team held their banquet where friends and family gathered to receive awards and recognition.

The night started off with boys frosh-soph awards where many freshman and sophomores were recognized. Some of the boys who were recognized were Anrei Giordano, Eric Perez, Adrian Wong, Shaun Lim, Sehajpal Singh, Roy Garcia, Jeremy Kim, Kevin Hamakawa and many more. These athletes were recognized for being scholar athletes with a 3.5 or higher, or an athletic award.

Next was the girls frosh-soph awards. Multiple freshman and sophomore girls were recognized for their academic achievements while being in track and athletic awards as well. Some of these girls included Aira Alonzo, Annette Hseih, Haylee Carroll, Maiyah Mitchell, Melissa Luu, Monet Jenkins, Essence Johnson, Olivia Jaime, Kellie fernandez, Natelie Eichel, and Samantha Chang.

Coaches were also given recognition. Sprints coach, TreAna Marbury, Pole vault coaches Wes and Isaas, jumps/hurdles coach Marcus, and Distance coach/administrator, Jason Wat.

The boys varsity team was then announced and recognized. Some of these athletes include Bryan Huynh, Everett Wooley, Justin Kim, Ryan Ishii, Lionel Lee, Sean Baldajay, William Reed, and Noah Opena.

Lastly, Girls’ Varsity were recognized, including Alyson Chang, Morgan Venable, Melody Kwon, Nicole Blue, Alicia Cruz, Isha Pema and Keona Nguyen.

The seniors also had speeches prepared. Some of these speakers were Justin Kim, Melody Kwon, Sean Baldajay, Keona Nguyen, and Jaide Lin. These seniors shared their experiences and thanked the people who helped them throughout their high school athletic career. Justin Kim stat, “At least I won’t be that far; I will be attending UCI.” said Senior Justin Kim, who plans on returning and helping his little brother, Jeremy.

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