Science Olympiad continues this month


Back-to-back tournaments marked the beginning of the Science Olympiad competition season, one of which was Cerritos High School’s very own invitational. In only its second year, the CHS Science tournament, which was held on December 7th, welcomed around 30 teams from all over Southern California.

The CHS Invitational allowed participants in Team Gold (V) and Team Black (JV) to have a first-hand experience of their events, especially as a significant portion of the team were first-timers. Juniors Liesel Arauz and Owen Tai took home fifth place medals in the event, Diseases Detectives, amongst tough competition.

Cerritos’s Science Olympiad teams competed in the Great Oak Invitational, which was held on December 14th. There, the team got into a slight mishap: a birdie became stuck on the roof in a badminton match gone wrong. Members enlisted the help of a nearby custodian who created a makeshift contraption comprised of a mop and broom taped together. Team members helped to direct him towards the birdie in this daunting, yet successful rescue mission. It was a great way to end the competition, and the custodian even mentioned that we “made [his] day.” 

Before the awards ceremony, teams send representatives vying to win GOHS Invitational’s annual Super Smash Brothers tournament. Although Cerritos joined the tournament as a late entry, Senior Carlos Delgadillo moved his way up the ranks to win the competition and earned the entire team free In-N-Out gift cards! 

The combined performance of the two teams resulted in more than 20 medals, and Team Gold ended up placing ninth out of over 20 teams. Senior Tony Cui and Junior Nicole Zhao earned the only first place medals from Cerritos in their event, Chemistry Lab.

The Science Olympiad teams will be competing in the upcoming Polytechnic Invitational (Jan. 11) and Antelope Valley Regionals (Feb. 1). Coming off a historic milestone of two state-medalling events last season, Cerritos’s Science Olympiad program continues to make strides towards achieving new goals and breaking old records.

Science Olympiad is a team-based STEM competition with over 20 events. These events cover a diverse array of topics including but not limited to physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, biology, and geology.

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