Teacher personalities could appear on your report card

by Anoushka Adusumalli

Your grade in a class almost entirely depends on who your teacher is. The difference between teachers can be the difference between passing and failing a class. For the same class, multiple different teachers have a variety of different expectations and standards for their students. Nowadays, getting top grades is becoming more and more important with increasing competition between students to get into a top college. This is why it almost seems unfair to compare two students from the same class with different teachers entirely based on the letter grade they receive.  

On a report card, the meaning of each letter grade is given as follows:

A: Outstanding

B: Above Average

C: Average

D: Below Average

Most of us would’ve expected B to be an average grade, but according to the report card, an average is actually a C! That means that there would probably be the same number of students who get Ds and Bs. This is similar to the bell curve system of grading (see picture below).

In many cases, students may feel like having a C is close to failing, but according to this, it is actually just average. I interviewed two English H teachers about different factors related to grades and here is a gist of what they told me:


  1. Class Average
    1. Teacher #1: A
    2. Teacher #2: B
  2. Extra Credit
    1. Teacher #1: Not needed
    2. Teacher #2: Yes but very rare, and within an assignment.
  3. Amount of Work to get an A
    1. Teacher #1: As long as the student completes all parts of the question, they should expect an A.
    2. Teacher #2: Go above and beyond. If the student just does what the question is asking, they should expect a B or below. 

Basically, for the same work, a student in Teacher #1’s class would get 100%, while in Teacher #2’s class, the student would’ve gotten an 80%. 

  1. Additional Comments
    1. Teacher #1: Grades hold students back from actually learning. 
    2. Teacher #2: Grades should reflect the mastery of a subject.

Even though teachers have the authority to grade students how they see fit, there should still be a certain guidine all teachers have to follow to prevent such a large gap in standards and difficulty levels between students.

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