Winter Formal: Worth it?

by Katelyn Chu

The sun is hiding behind the clouds and the flowers are starting to bloom. Winter is basically over as one might say, but for Cerritos High School, Winter Formal is the closure of this cold, windy season. For some people, Winter Formal is such an exciting event for all grades where they can de-stress after finals week, to party all night, dance crazy, and munch on delicious food. However, other people have a different opinion in mind thinking, “Winter Formal is such a waste of money and it’s boring!” Therefore, I have come to investigate and see if Winter Formal was really worth it. 

Winter Formal is $55 with ASB and $60 with ASB, which is a bit pricey for students. I do have to agree with the fact that it is expensive. On the day of Winter Formal Premiere, ASB had announced the theme, which was “Beyond the Sea,” and its location, Aquarium of the Pacific. Some of my friends in ASB said this location they rented was the best out of all the Winter Formals they had done before. I thought to myself if this is the best then I definitely need to see this for myself. I still remember Winter Formal like it was yesterday. The line was up to the sky and as I strolled through the vast doors, I heard the loud music booming and the blue lights dimming. It was magnificent. In addition, students had full access to all the exhibitions, which was exciting. I met up with my friends and we wandered throughout the aquarium looking at the abundant variety of fish, sea creatures, crustaceans, and more. Also the jellyfish were so pretty and squishy looking too. After we looked at everything, we then started searching for food like hungry wolves. Winter Formal did offer food, but not exactly meals, only desserts, pastries, snacks, and drinks. However, the desserts looked like they were from France and it was so fancy. To specify, they had chocolate cake mousse, cheesecake, orange pie, puff pastries, lemon bars, etc. The setup was very organized and ocean themed. It was filled with tables topped with seaweed centerpieces, also stand-up cardboard ocean pieces, blue lights, and a sparkly, blue backdrop. Lastly, the DJ was okay, but he didn’t really play any songs I wanted and that I could dance to, but others may think otherwise. 

So, was Winter Formal really worth it? I would say, yes. This Winter Formal was so extraordinary and enjoyable for me that I could never forget. Some people might not have the motivation to spend their money on this formal, but if I could go again, I would. The location, the fish, food, and decorations were wonderful. ASB did an amazing job. If I had to rate this formal, I would give it an 8 out of 10 just because of lack of variety of food and the music. Nevertheless, I got to interact with people I had never hung out before and forgot all about my stresses and problems and just had fun.

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