Schools and community adjust to uncertain times

By Joshua So

    The most recent update from the Los Angeles County Office of Education has announced that they will close all school districts.  After Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest school district in the nation, announced today it will be suspending school, all other school districts in the county are now following suit.  

As of March 13, 2020, there still have been no reported cases of COVID-19 within the ABCUSD school district.  However, with 224 cases of the virus reported in California and growing pressures from staff, parents, and health professionals, the District Board has now authorized a two week shutdown of school campuses.  This is no surprise since schools have already been following CDC recommendations of postponing or canceling large gatherings in order to minimize the risk of exposure to the virus. The temporary suspension of school has also left many other activities up in the air such as sports games and dances.  

One key concern that the district has addressed is the nutrition program for students which will remain open even though the school shutdown. While SAT centers have also closed, AP tests have yet to be canceled. As teachers adjust to the sudden shutdown, presumably by posting class materials online, we students are now responsible for continuing to study so that classes may resume as usual in the future if possible. Yet this too raises controversy as some families in the district have limited to no access to the internet. In the coming weeks, the district must adapt to the threat of coronavirus while preserving student education in an equitable way.

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