2020 Senior Wills

I, Cindy Byun, leave my jokes to Madhuri Suresh, my laughs to Leilani Sison, and my badminton skills to Su Lee and Pranav Surampudi. I also leave the mole rat to my badminton team, you guys will do great next season! I leave my speaking abilities to my amazing period 1 freshmen, can’t wait for your MUN skills to grow.

I, Alyson Chang, leave my basketball leadership to Catherine Ishii, my hurdling ability to Hayley Carroll, and my track captainship to Leilani Morante. I love you little sophomores. ◡̈

I, Rachel Dang, leave my language classes to my good friends, Mindy Yun and Nirja Kumar.

I Mia Meili, leave

My manifestation of bad b**** energy to my girlfriends, Analia, Viviana, Eliana, and Yash! Kill your senior year queens👑💅🏼💞

I Christina Cho ,leave my hydroflask to my good friend, Katherine Herrera

I, Katelyn Raile, leave my condolences and gift of patience to deal with my sister and keeping her calm to Mrs. Marcroft, Mrs. Joseph, and Mrs. Marbrey.

I, Katelyn Raile, leave my gift of patience and having the time possible in highschool, to my sister, Laura

I, Katelyn Raile, leave my thanks for being the best teacher to Mrs. Rheaume.

I, Katelyn Raile, leave my hearts and wishes for a best senior year next year, to a class of 2021 student, Sharday.

I, Katelyn Raile, leave my hugs and being able to survive his junior year of highschool, to my little “bro” Jonah.

I, Katelyn Raile, leave Hailey Raile the 2nd, to Mr. Shinn.

I, Alina Ahmed, leave all my pool deck happiness, love, and laughter with the girls water polo team. All of you were my rock. Priscilla, Anabella, Jillian G. , and Kaya, don’t have too much fun without me.

I, Tess U-Vongcharoen, leave my ability to find joy even in the hardest times to my Lighthouse family and my resilience and goofiness to my fourth period MUN sophomores. I also leave my overthinking nature and assertiveness to Hanna Yang in order for her to stay strong at MUN conferences.

I, Emily Pan, leave my stressful but fun experience to Key Clubbers, my dedication to the future NCHS board, and my ability to procrastinate but still get everything done and maintain a good grade to everyone.

I, Tyler Tahata, leave my old jackets.

I, Katherine Linares, leave my locker to whoever can afford it.

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