Hybrid or Virtual? Your Choice


    As days pass with unwavering worry and pure fear of getting infected with COVID-19, the school year comes closer and closer as the clock ticks. New classes, new students, and just a whole new level of thinking we must accept. With all these new changes of social distancing and wearing a mask wherever we go, what is the impact on our education and our social life?

    Due to COVID-19, our school district, ABC Unified doesn’t see the students and staff returning to a traditional school model in the fall of 2020. The district’s course of action has started with surveys sent out to parents and students about two new ways to continue our schooling. 

The first choice is called “Hybrid Model.” What this means is that students would spend time learning at school (on-campus) and learning at home as well. Students will be assigned to a group, and these groups will rotate being on campus and staying at home doing online school learning. When students are on campus, the school will be similar to a regular school day. When students are not on campus, they will learn through online learning at home also known as “OLAH” or independent work. 

Our second choice is ABC Online Academy, which is virtual schooling that is offered online with students learning at home similar to just a regular school day. All students will be attending the ABC Online Academy without returning to school campus. Students will have specific class times or periods and will be required to attend their virtual online classroom from Monday through Friday throughout the school year of 2020-2021.

So what do you think about these new ways of continuing our education? Should we continue with OLAH or should we start up the Hybrid Model? Your choice can affect our new lifestyle throughout the year of 2020. What do you choose?

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