Club Week: Tuesday Cultural Groups

Taiwanese Club

By Angelina Lee

Want to learn more about Taiwanese culture? Taiwanese Club is the perfect place to immerse yourself in Taiwanese culture. They offer a unique approach “to [spread] awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the Chinese/Taiwanese culture through different events” Treasurer, Adrienne Truong said.

Taiwanese Club has tons of fun events planned for the next school year including, but not limited to, a cultural jeopardy game, paper lantern making, and boba and dumpling cooking sessions. Not only are their events a great way to meet and bond with others, but they also aim to educate members on the different aspects of Taiwanese culture.

For example, the annual cultural jeopardy game tests members’ knowledge of Taiwanese culture in an engaging, Jeopardy-like setting. Members are split into teams where they compete to earn the most points and see who knows Taiwanese culture the best. Taiwanese Club also plans to introduce different lunar holidays and explain the origins of each holiday. By highlighting the stories behind each lunar holiday, Taiwanese Club aims to show the reasoning behind the holiday’s purpose and activities. “[My] favorite club memory or event was definitely creating posters for the Lunar New Year.” Club Secretary Jing Hu said.

If you’re a boba lover like me, you’ll definitely be interested in the boba-making events that Taiwanese Club holds. You can learn how to make not only boba from scratch, but also other foods, like Tangyuan (a Chinese dessert made of rice balls and black sesame) and dumplings. Taiwanese Club combines delicious Taiwanese cuisine with bonding events whether it’s their boba-making sessions or their end-of-the-year get-together at Class 302.

Taiwanese Club will continue to provide interactive events where members can “have fun while deepening [their] understanding of [their] parent’s homeland,” Club President Vatissa Peng said. Taiwanese Club provides opportunities for people to reconnect with their own culture. Even if you aren’t Taiwanese, you will most definitely be welcomed into “a wholesome community while making friends along the way” Club President Yvonne Guu said.

For the upcoming school year of 2020-2021, CHS Taiwanese Club officers are:

Yvonne Guu, president

Vatissa Peng, vice president

Adrienne Truong, treasurer

Jing Hu, secretary

What truly sets Taiwanese Club apart is that there are no requirements that you have to meet; Taiwanese Club is a place for individuals from any background. All you need is an interest in learning about Taiwanese culture. If you want to learn more about Taiwanese Club, stay updated by joining their social media pages on Instagram (@chstaiwaneseclub), Facebook (CHS Taiwanese Club 2020-2021), Google Classroom (code: chc43nh), and Remind (@chstaiwan).

Black Student Union (BSU)

By Rebekah Kang

If you would like to learn more about Black communities while connecting with Black students on campus, this club is best fit for you. The Black Student Union focuses on providing a safe environment in which all types of people can meet and discuss the many issues and experiences Black communities face today. 

The Black Student Union club discusses issues the African, African-American, and Afro-Latinx communities face today. This club’s goal is to educate students on campus about Black and African history. During this upcoming school year, most of the Black Student Union’s events will be online. The club is planning on holding several student forums through Zoom to help facilitate conversations and discussions about students’ “experiences and their feelings on what is happening in the school and in the country,” President William Reed said. This club is also looking into organizing discussions with guest speakers and school staff. The main idea of these forums is to educate and help school staff in making decisions on the Cerritos High School campus. Not only that, but this club is also looking into holding bonding events, which include movie nights and game nights, through Zoom.

The Black Student Union Club emphasizes the fact that this club is open for everyone to join! BSU mainly focuses on discussing issues and history that affect Black people, but they encourage anyone to join the club and be a part of their events.

The Black Student Union Club consists of the following leaders:

William Reed, president

Di’jea Hunter and Miyah Walker, treasurers

Aleaya Everett, secretary

Monet Jenkins and Aniya Washington, directors of publicity

Katelyn Newburn, activities director 

If you would like to reach out for more information about the Black Student Union Club, you can message them through the following social media platform:

Instagram @CerritosHSBSU

Remind @chsbsu21

MAZA Indian Club

By Rebekah Kang

If you are interested in learning more about the Indian culture, this club is perfect for you. The MAZA club allows students to connect with the “Indian community and culture through fun festivals, food, and dance” Club President Karishma Patel said. The best part of MAZA is how accepting they are of all types of students. MAZA’s goal is to create a community made up of students who bond over the Indian culture and heritage. 

The best part of this club is their overall message in promoting inclusivity and building strong relationships among club members through the participation of fun club activities. Not only that, but this club aims to create a safe environment in which all students feel comfortable and secure. You can expect lots of fun activities from MAZA in this upcoming school year. This club is planning to hold a “virtual Diwali Movie Night and much more virtual bonding events to celebrate various Indian holidays and festivals, Patel said. Also, they plan on holding a virtual Culture Show at the end of the school year to wrap everything up.

Overall, this is a great and unique club in which all students should join to become more connected with Cerritos High School’s Indian community and to meet new people. 

“MAZA aims to promote an inclusive environment that celebrates how diverse the Indian culture is. Therefore, to all of the Indian CHS Students, embrace your Indian culture and heritage through joining MAZA, and if you’re not Indian, join MAZA to learn more about it. As a club, we welcome every CHS Student to create lasting relationships through our shared appreciation for the Indian heritage. The more the merrier.” President, Karishma Patel said.

Secretary, Anushka Panjwani, agrees. “You should definitely join CHS MAZA whether you are Indian or not. Our club not only celebrates Indian culture through various activities, but we host our culture show each year as well. MAZA is a fun club to learn more about Indian culture and appreciate it while making new friends. We’d love for you to become our newest member.”

The MAZA Indian Club consists of the following leaders:

Club Advisor Mr. Stevens

Karishma Patel, president

Kanika Patel and Sanchi Kohli, vice presidents

Roshni Kohli, treasurer

Anushka Panjwani, secretary

If you would like to reach out for more information about the MAZA Club, you can message them through the following social media platforms:

Instagram @MazaIndianClub

Facebook CHS MAZA 20-21

Latinos Unidos

By Daewon Kwon

Have you always had an interest in Latino culture and wanted to celebrate or learn about it? Latinos Unidos then may interest you. Latinos Unidos is a club that was created to support and promote unity within the Latino community at Cerritos High School, accurately represent Latino culture, and to expand others’ knowledge of the culture. 

Kellie Fernandez, president of Latinos Unidos, believes the club was necessary for Cerritos. “Despite making up 22% of the Cerritos High School population, there isn’t much that accurately portrays our culture and our club would like to change that.” 

In order to combat this misinformation, the club was charted with the hopes of increasing the “dialogue about different customs, traditions, and backgrounds in the Latino community, while finding similarities amongst ourselves to come to a point of unity and agreeance on all the things that make a ‘Latino.’”

The group is truly an example of an inviting and vibrant environment; from their first meeting, they recorded 85 total participants, a majority of whom are not of Latino descent. The club has also hosted several cultural events, almost always having food to represent various cultures as well. For example, in one Dia de Los Muertos event, the club gathered food from each Latin nation that celebrates Dia de Los Muertos and created a slideshow about their food/traditions for that special day. Many club members accompanied their food with memorabilia from their culture, and “it was a great event filled with food, music, and celebration of our culture.”  

Despite the pandemic and most activities being restricted to virtual settings, Latinos Unidos is still planning on making the club and its events engaging. They plan to host Zoom conferences with members from the Latino Chamber of Commerce to inspire young Latino students to continue their education with hopes of better career paths and greater levels of success. They also plan on hosting a goods drive for those in Venezuela suffering from the current ongoing crisis and a virtual zoom tour of the Latin American Museum of Art. 

Alongside their impressive activities, Latinos Unidos makes themselves unique through their impacts as well. They host many fundraisers with food coming from local Latino businesses. They also work to physically impact at the national level, providing assistance to Latino nations in crisis such as Venezuela through various methods like delivering the basic necessities that are needed for the people in accordance with another organization. Moreover, the club works hand-in-hand with several Spanish teachers in order to deliver the best experience possible and ensure that the community is strong through its efforts.

The club is comprised of the following individuals leading the movement:

Ms. Rebollar and Mr. Sanchez, club advisors

Kellie Fernandez and Aryah Ayala, co-presidents 

Kaitlynn Cortez and Elianna Alcantar, vice presidents 

Guadalupe Duran and Prisila Rodriguez, treasurers 

Rosita Mohanty, secretary

If you’re interested in becoming a member today, you can join Latinos Unidos by joining their Remind using the code @a6e378 and responding with your name and grade. 


By Joshua So

Are you ready to jump right into some Japanese culture and community service?  Then join the Chikara Dons this year. Some of the great events held by Chikara are volunteering opportunities at Orange County Food Bank, working with Cerritos to plan out opportunities for Halloween Booth, writing letters to the military, organizing care packages, and many other school-sponsored drivers. Chikara also has a fun annual Christmas party and a field trip to Little Tokyo.  

This year the club is under the leadership of board members Elijah Ting, Eva de la Rosa, Shallene Rosette, Madi Sy, Andrew Shiota, Akkares Tachasooksaree and advisor Mrs. Kawamoto. The club will be hosting the events that we can on Zoom so follow @chschikaranjnhs on Instagram to get started.

What is your favorite club memory and/or event?

When I first joined Chikara, I always enjoyed volunteering at OC Food Bank because I get to bond with my club members/friends while contributing to the community. One of my favorite memories while in Chikara was having our first movie night. We had food and watched A Silent Voice with our friends. 

What sets your club apart from other clubs on campus?

Though I haven’t been in this club for too long, I can definitely say I was comfortable enough to call it my 2nd Home. Everyone was so nice and I really enjoyed the events such as cleaning up the campus and volunteering at Food Banks. 

What does this club mean to you?

To me, Chikara is like a home. Though I love the thought of doing community work, I just love the feeling of bonding with one another. Creating bonds with the new and strengthening those who are close makes me feel so happy and warm. Chikara has created such a vibrant atmosphere for me and I hope it can put a smile on your face too.

What inspired you to join this club?

My friends inspired me to join this club. They have even inspired me to become one of the board members. The people who really inspired me were my good friends Akkares and Elijah. Ever since I saw our club started a social media platform on Instagram, I always wondered what it would be like to run that account. Since I already had experience in graphic design, why not do it for the club.

What would you say to anyone who is interested in joining this club?

I’m so glad that you have an interest in our club. We are a Community Service Club and everyone is welcomed to join Chikara. We, as a club, help to contribute to our community. We hold events such as Campus Beautification, Fundraisers, and volunteering at OC Food Bank (my personal favorite). And at the end of the year, we have a small trip to Little Tokyo in LA. Though I wasn’t able to go last semester due to unfortunate events, I’m sure it would’ve been one of my favorite memories in the club. So please consider joining Chikara. Spread the word. Tell a friend.

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