Club Week: Wednesday Special Interest Clubs


By Joshua So

Calling all Dons!  Join Cerritos Lighthouse club for a place of fellowship and community for Christians at CHS.  If you are interested in the club, don’t hesitate to try out a couple of the meetings. This club holds a series of recurring meetings where we vary between bonding activities, worship, and small groups. If you desire to join a community with like-minded Christians and want to serve our high school campus come join us.

In highschool, there are many stressful times with the various assignments and extracurriculars that we participate in. Having a support system like the Lighthouse helps us to remain rooted in God and allows for us to have a designated time during school to focus on Him. As a result, we believe that Christian students that do participate in The Lighthouse will be able to get connected with like-minded individuals to grow in their faith and also get to know more people.

Over the course of the year, we have frequent game days, fellowship times, and recurring meetings that provide a time for small groups where we can share love through Christ for every member.  Each year we strive to hold a praise night that aims to bring Christians together from the greater OC/LA Area. This includes schools from Fullerton, Cypress, and Buena Park, which allows for Cerritos High School students to meet new people and join a larger community. In addition, we hold our very own Cerritos High School praise nights, where all are invited and are given the opportunity to worship and grow closer together in God’s love. 

From Lighthouse presidents Kayla Kim and Paul Shin, “Personally, this club to me is a family of different people of different races or cultures that all have one thing in common: an eagerness to learn more about God. While we are a club of Christians, we also welcome anyone and act as a bridge between those who do not know the Gospel and those who already do. This club is a great family of Christians that act as a ‘lighthouse’ for other people.”

For all Dons, Christian and non-Christian, check out @chslighthouse on Instagram to stay up to date with club events and for encouragement throughout the year.  We hope you’ll join us!

Gay-Straight Alliance Club

By Angelina Lee

Looking for a safe place that is all-inclusive and has no commitments? Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) ensures that those in the LGBTQ+ community and allies feel included and comfortable in a healthy environment.

GSA creates a community where its members can be themselves without judgment. “I liked the idea of being able to express myself and to explore who I might be by talking to others,” President Vanessa Aceves said.

Last year, GSA held a movie day event where they watched Love, Simon. “We collectively had fun and watched an iconic movie that shows the true hardships of being a questioning LGBT+ member who has been outed. It was a beautiful moment and I will be forever grateful to have had the chance to bond with these peers,” Upperclassmen Representative Danny Dote said. The club events are focused on encouraging their members to discover who they are and support one another’s journey of self-discovery.

Despite school going on online, GSA is committed to fostering a welcoming, supportive environment. The club still plans to host a variety of events including, but not limited to, Coming Out day as well as awareness and movie days. “My favorite club event was definitely Coming Out that day. At that time I had never been with so many people who I could relate to, so it was nice to find a space where I could open up and be honest. I even ended up coming out to my mom when I got back home” Secretary Emma Orduno said.

For the upcoming school year of 2020-2021, CHS Gay-Straight Alliance officers are:

Vanessa Aceves, president

Spencer Lopez, vice president

Emma Orduno, secretary

Ethan Barlevy, treasurer

Danny Dote, underclassmen representative

“To me, GSA is a safe space where I can really be myself, and I don’t feel like I need to hide.” Treasurer Ethan Barlevy said. Vice President Spencer Lopez added that “Something that sets our club apart is that we’re really welcoming and accepting of everyone.” GSA is dedicated to spreading positivity and promoting messages of self-love and discovery. 

If you want to stay updated with GSA’s activities, join their social media page on Instagram (@cerritoshighgsa) and Remind (@chsgsa). You can also contact the club through gmail at

National Alliance on Mental Illnesses (NAMI)

By Angelina Lee

Looking for a club that serves as a stress-free space and place to connect with others? National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has both and so much more. Not only does NAMI provide a support system for all students, they also focus on raising awareness about mental health and educating others on its importance.

NAMI aims to encourage more dialogue and less stigma around mental health, especially with stress from quarantine and school taking a toll on students. The club “helps [students] gain the courage to know that they’re not alone and that there are always resources available,” Co-President Jaina Doshi said.

For the upcoming school year, NAMI has many virtual or socially-distanced events planned including stress ball making, mental health movie night, online guest speaker sessions, mental health workshops, and a walk for mental health. Sanchi Kohli refers to the NAMI walk as her favorite event, emphasizing how “[she] not only got to see so many amazing people fighting for the same cause, but also got to form stronger ties with club members and officers.”

Whether you or someone you know is fighting internal battles with mental health, NAMI hopes to alleviate students’ burdens and bring attention to the urgency of this topic. Co-President Jaina Doshi describes NAMI as “speaking up against your mental battles and being unafraid to accept your struggles. [NAMI] means not letting your mental illness define you, but rather working to fight back against the scary thoughts and feelings.”

For the upcoming school year of 2020-2021, CHS NAMI Club officers are:

Jaina Doshi and Sanchi Kohli, presidents

Annette Hsieh and Katelyn Chu, vice presidents

Alessa Gomez, secretary

Mathew George, treasurer

Bryan Fan and Evelyn Kim, directors of publicity

Russel Arevalo and Kalena Dawson, social media managers

“No matter who you are, your gender, ethnicity, sexuality; anyone, and everyone is always welcome to join NAMI,” Sanchi Kohli said. With the current state of the world, NAMI serves as an important reminder that the mental health of yourself and those around you should always be a priority. You can be the first to know about upcoming NAMI events by joining their social media pages on Instagram (@chsnami), Facebook (Cerritos High School NAMI 2020-2021), and Remind (@namichs).

You and Me

By Asheley Wi 

Want to join a welcoming community to help our peers develop social skills? 

Purpose of You and Me Club:

“You & Me Club focuses on uniting students with disabilities with their developing peers on campus. Our main purpose is to allow them to gain opportunities to build relationships and practice social skills with others to help them use in life. We hope to create a welcoming community for all in order to strengthen our school as a whole.”–President Samantha Chang

Future events:

You and Me Prom, sticker fundraisers, art and craft activities via zoom meetings 

Favorite memory in this club? 

“You and Me holds an annual You and Me Prom where students are able to enjoy their own prom within the school. We plan throughout the school year and in the end, have a huge dance where all are welcome to celebrate. Seeing the faces of all the students happily dancing and enjoying themselves at the dance brings me pure joy, making all the work worth it,” Chang said.

What do you like about You and Me Club? 

“The smiles and genuine happiness that these types of opportunities we create for them really highlights why I do what I do. I can’t wait to see what this year brings. Amidst the circumstances given, I will continuously strive towards bringing these students the best year possible.”

Why should students join this club? 

“You and Me club is an amazing way to connect with other students though building relationships on campus. We strive to create inclusivity within CHS through uniting, educating, and understanding those with disabilities, in order to make a welcoming and friendly community where all feel safe. We are always working hard to give these students the best school year, and will continue to do so through different outlets, like Zoom. This year allows us to find new opportunities for creativity that help uphold the friendly environment we’ve created on campus, but now virtually. We can’t wait for what this year will bring and hope  you can help join us to make a positive impact within our school.” 

Samatha Chang, president

Lionel Lee and Laura Navarro, vice presidents

Asheley Wi, secretary

Ashley Lee, treasurer

instagram/snapchat: chsyouandmeclub

Glee Club

By: Katelyn Chu

Music is one of the world’s most extraordinary pleasures for nearly everyone. This year will be the ultimate comeback of Cerritos High School official Glee Club. Glee Club strives to allow students who enjoy music to be able to experience performing for others and becoming better musicians. Their main goal is to, “give students a familial environment while practicing what they love, music! We will hold several shows to showcase our talents, and we hope to include all the students who are interested.’

With the idea of creating Glee Club, they want students who are interested in music to have an inclusive environment where they can have fun and enjoy themselves throughout the year. Glee Club is the only club in our school which was made solely to give members an opportunity to express their unique singing and musical skills. Their club promotes all styles of music, so anyone who enjoys it can join. Glee club will be the perfect club for students interested in music, because Glee’s goal is to incorporate all sounds, voices, and styles of music into one club.

Additionally, Glee Club wants the club to be fun and inspire others to sing and express their musical talents. For this upcoming school year of 2020-2021 the officers for Cerritos High School Glee Club are:

President: Shivani Kedila, Junior

Vice President: Sohum Bhargava, Junior

Secretary: Janelle Santos, Junior

Treasurer: Sina Mengistu, Junior

Director of Publicity: Bryan Fan, Junior

This upcoming school year, Glee Club will be creating singing compilations from their members until the campus opens and they can hold performances. Their themes will include Disney, Sounds of Music, and much more.

Join today and don’t miss out on the chance to be part of Glee Club. Let your musical passion run wild. To be updated on their events for this school year, go check out their page on Instagram @glee.chs, Remind @glee202020, and linktree at

National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA)

By Anoushka Adusumalli

Words have so much power and potential. From politicians to parents, the art of knowing how to speak can turn the tides of a conversation. If this sounds interesting, National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) is the perfect club for you to join.

Club president Mike Guo said the purpose of the club is to “provide opportunities for Cerritos High School students to take their public speaking skills to the next level.” And even if you don’t like public speaking, it’s a skill needed for multiple classes and in the workplace, so you will definitely be able to learn valuable skills in this club.

NSDA offers a number of opportunities for competitions throughout the year, including Jack Howe Memorial tournament hosted by CSULB, Orange County Speech League Fall Open tournament, Irvine Valley College Fall Classic tournament, and the IVC Spring Championship tournament.

The board members and advisor of this club are:

Mr. Wooldridge, advisor

Mike Guo, president

Angela Hao, vice president

Anoushka Adusumalli, treasurer
Eileen Kang, secretary

If you have any questions about the club, feel free to contact them through instagram @chs.nsda.

Paws for a Cause

By Karina Singh

As the only club about animals in CHS, Paws for a Cause is a must-see club for all animal lovers, especially dog and cat lovers. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love at least some type of animal?

Anyone joining this club can be sure to make a large impact on the club’s future; current co-presidents, Anushka Panjwani and Yazmin Paryani, already have great plans for the club, even during quarantine. For example, they are planning an online Zoom meeting to make cat and dog toys out of household items for the Long Beach spcaLA, along with an online scavenger hunt. In the second semester, they’re planning a Dog Walkathon.

Co-president Paryani said not to worry, though. Even if you aren’t interested in being a veterinarian, the club is “not just for future veterinarians. It’s for anyone who likes animals and wants to learn more about them.” After all, the club is also going to be having fundraisers to raise money to donate to local rescues and shelters. 

Co-president Panjwani said the club was made because, “From a young age, we’ve both always had a passion for animals that continued to grow in high school, so we wanted to make a club that allows for us to share our love for animals, ranging from spreading awareness about animal rights to just spending time with animals while making some great friends.” 

If nothing else, to those of you who have always wanted a pet but have not been able to, it’s a great opportunity to spend time with the animal community and count it as an extracurricular in college applications. Both Panjwani and Paryani agreed that you don’t have to have experience with animals; just be open and interested. 

To contact the club for any further questions and just to get more ideas about the club, check out their social media and email

Facebook: CHSPAWSforaCAUSE 20-21

Club Email: 

Instagram: chspawsforacause

Remind: @pawsfac

Off The Rack

By: Katelyn Chu

As the years pass, fashion trends change by the second and new designs and clothes are being introduced to the world. From ripped jeans to bucket hats, everything is becoming extremely popular for the youth and for the modeling industry. A new club wants to educate and introduce the fashion world towards Cerritos High School: Off The Rack Club.

The purpose of Off The Rack is to give students a place to express their love for fashion and have  an outlet to broaden their horizons in the fashion world with activities such as DIY projects, discussions on sustainability, styling challenges, and so much more. What they strive for is to get everyone involved and hopefully host lots of fun online events and activities. 

Another goal for Off the Rack is to expand students’ knowledge of fashion in a fun way. Club founders were inspired to start this club because they hadn’t found any clubs that really expressed their interests in fashion. 

Some of Off The Rack upcoming events they are planning are doing at home photoshoots, DIY projects, Styling guides, Fashion tips, Zoom meetings, discussions on sustainability and recycling clothes, and at-home fashion challenges. They believe that this club can make a leading impact on students as this club can be a creative outlet for students looking to de-stress from school and expand their knowledge on fashion.

For the upcoming school year of 2020-2021, the official officers of Cerritos High School Off The Rack Club are:

Nicole Gonzales, president 

Bria Benton, vice president

*They are still looking for positions for officers for CHS Off The Rack.

To conclude, any student can join! It does not matter if you can dress or not. If you are interested in fashion or want to learn more about how to style clothing pieces or spice up your closet, this club is the perfect place. Since they are also a new club, they are willing to take suggestions on what activities and events others would like to see.

Join today and don’t miss out on the chance to be part of CHS Off The Rack. To be updated on Off The Rack Club events for this school year, go check out their page on Instagram and follow them @chsofftherack, join their google classroom with the code of “aai2ciw,” and be sure to join their Remind with the code of “@chsotr” or text this code to 810-10.

Girl Up

By Yvonne Guu

Looking to join an organization that stands up for what is right and empowers people? Girl Up provides a safe space for individuals who are interested in “female empowerment, gender equality, and more.” In partnership with the United Nations, Girl Up serves to bring awareness to the multitudes of adversities that women face while educating people along the way. The wholesome and supportive community within this organization makes learning and speaking out about international social issues that have been ingrained in society for a long time very eye-opening and life-changing, paving the way for the next generation of leaders. 

In the 2020-2021 school year, Girl Up will be having a ton of wonderful events. Some of these include virtual movie nights, Operation Courage (which makes care packages for deployed women), United Nations 16 Days of Elimination of Violence Against Women, voter registration, and more. In Girl Up Movie Nights, members watch inspirational movies on women empowerment to educate others, and they have discussions about the topic at the end. In addition to this, this club plans to carry out a Product Drive in partnership with the Homeless Period Project to donate sanitary and hygiene products to homeless shelters. Co-President Elianna Alcantar Vega “personally loved how [she] was able to make new friends and create a closer connection with members of the club [she has] never met before” through participating in Girl Up events. With these events, you have the opportunity to be active and to make a difference in your community. In essence, you can be the change you want to see in the world. Co-President Naima Dellawar said “Girl Up has given me the confidence to be vocal about important issues pertaining to women and has emphasized the idea of helping others.”

Everyone is welcome to join Girl Up.

The 2020-2021 Girl Up officer board currently consists of:

Elianna Alcantar Vega and Naima Dellawar, co-presidents

Jadyn Zechariah, vice president

Treasurer: to be determined

Secretary: to be determined

“Girl Up is not only a club, but it’s a movement” 

Social Media

Instagram: @cerritosgirlup

Remind: @cerritosgu

Link Tree: Cerritosgirlup20

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