Club Week: Friday Curricular Clubs

Newspaper Club

By Angelina Lee

Want your voice to be heard? Then, Newspaper Club is the perfect place for you! As a member, you can publish your own news articles, opinion pieces, creative works, and feature stories. Not to mention, you’ll have the option to create your own podcast, photography, or comic series.

Newspaper Club provides multiple platforms where you can express your opinions and cover topics that you’re passionate about. One of them is HS Insider, a platform created by the LA Times for high school journalists. HS Insider ( intends to amplify the voices of student-writers and learn about what it means to be a journalist.  You can join the HS Insider community of over 1,700 writers and 340 high schools.

The other platform where members can publish their works is our school’s very own newspaper, CHS Informer. CHS Informer is an online newspaper covering various school events and other topics ranging from school dances to the chicken sandwich debate. We aim to have all of our members find the “spark” that makes them want to write.

“This club is different from other clubs because you get to have creative freedom in writing about all types of topics. I especially liked how we were given the ability to choose what to write about things we were interested in,” Treasurer Rebekah Kang said. Whether it’s light-hearted boba reviews or the latest school news, you have the power to write about what makes you passionate.

“I would definitely say that the main reason why I was inspired to join this club is because writing is one of my favorite things to do. In this club, everyone is very welcoming and flexible,” Secretary Katelyn Chu said. Newspaper Club does not have any article requirements, so members are free to sign up for articles whenever they have time. Our main focus as a club is to bridge the gap between your imagination and writing. Chu adds, “I absolutely encourage everyone to join our club to have fun, practice on your writing skills, and let your imagination run wild through your creative writing.”

For the upcoming school year of 2020-2021, CHS Newspaper Club officers are:

Angelina Lee, president

Joshua So, vice president

Katelyn Chu, secretary

Rebekah Kang, treasurer

We welcome everyone regardless of how much experience you have in writing. You can develop your writing skills beyond the classroom through Newspaper Club. Make sure to follow us on our social media pages at Instagram (@cerritosinformer), Google Classroom with your school email (code: uic37sh), and Remind (@chsinform).

Educators Rising

By Karina Singh

Let’s be honest now, school isn’t always great. In fact, it often isn’t great, but the people who can make the greatest impact on the experience of students are great teachers. As one of the most important careers, teaching can be a great passion to those who want to help the next generation of children in these uncertain times, and Educators Rising is a great club that can help foster this profession, since, as President Kellie Fernandez said, “our club works towards the betterment of our future schools as our club members are working towards becoming educators.”

For one, after members complete the high school class connected to the club and graduate with the corresponding pathway, ABCUSD guarantees them an interview for a job, and the club has direct ties to Cal State Long Beach’s Teacher Pathway program. Also, members have great opportunities to establish connections with experienced educators through field trips to prestigious teacher conferences, along with being able to learn more about the career through these experiences. Along with being able to interact with top educators, the club also helps members develop the speaking, interactive, and leadership skills to succeed at being a teacher. In part, they do this through involvement in elementary school events like Harvest Festivals, Winter Wonderlands, Father-Daughter Dances, and Diversity Days at Elliott Elementary. 

Educators Rising also fosters a friendly environment. “Our officer board is extremely connected with our other club members, putting us all at the same level and working towards pushing each other to do better,” Fernandez said.  The club has bonding events annually, with the first one usually being in August at the beach for a bonfire, and the others including a Secret Santa, a Dia de Los Muertos Potluck, the making of root beer floats, and having fun at Golf n Stuff. 

To be involved in our own school, Educators Rising also participates in many PTSA events like the district fun run and the annual bowling fundraiser, in addition to the Krispy Kreme fundraiser that Educators Rising hosts itself. 

Even with all these events and opportunities opened up by Educators Rising, the club only has a meeting once every month on Tuesdays, along with an event that happens monthly usually on a Friday or Saturday from about 8AM to 3PM. 

“If you are looking for a club that will provide you with a sense of community, will connect you with professionals, potentially get you started for a career in education, have several field trips, eat lots of good food, and will look good on college applications, this is 100% the club for you.” 

Those interested can check out their instagram @chs.educatorsrising and join with this link:

Computer Programmers United (CPU)

By Rebekah Kang

Are you interested in learning more about cybersecurity while being a part of a great community? Then, Cerritos High School’s Computer Programmers United Club is perfect for you. This is a great club because they accept all types of people from total beginners with no computer science experience to students with more knowledge on computer science. 

CPU is a club with a great community filled with students who are interested in team-building activities while providing a competitive environment. This club strongly encourages all types of students to participate in “lessons and competitions about programming, networking, defensive and offensive cybersecurity, and cryptography,” Co-President Alexis Manalastas said. This club offers events involved in Capture the Flag and CyberPatriot tournaments.

During this upcoming school year, CPU will compete in the CyberPatriot XIII competition. Not only that, but they will also be a part of multiple online “Capture-the-flag” style ethical hacking tournaments, which include PicoCTF, The National Cyber League, and much more. Although this might sound slightly intimidating for novice students, this club will also offer general coding and video-game development workshops.

“In our club, you can experience opportunities and participate in events that enrich your knowledge of technology and also receive exposure to new ideas on the ways to utilize computers in your future,” Co-President, Roshini Rangarajan said.

If you have a slight interest in computer science or are just generally curious in learning more about cybersecurity and computer science, this club is perfect for you. 

“CPU is a place where everyone, no matter their skill, can have fun, make friends, and learn some cool things about computers. We would love for you to join our club,” Manalastas said.

For the upcoming school year of 2020-2021, CHS CPU Club officers are:

Alexis Manalastas and Roshni Rangarajan, co-presidents

Ethan Barlevy, treasurer

Angela Hao, secretary

Manu Sankepally and Archisa Verma, directors of activities
You can receive club updates for CPU through Instagram (@cerritoscpu), Remind (@cpuchs), and Google Classroom (code: fyfwdmu). If you would like to reach out to this club for more information, you can email them through:

Drama Club

By Angelina Lee

Want to be a part of a musical or play? Even if you don’t enjoy being in the spotlight, Drama Club has a unique role just for you. Drama Club intends to provide a space for learning and growth within the performing arts. Students can learn about stage terms, acting skills, set building, and costume design through involvement in the club and its activities.

“We have people from all varying interests, career aspirations, and talents in our club. We don’t have ‘theater kids’; we have artistics, creators, actors, tech people, directors, designers, and managers,” President Liesel Arauz said.

Even with online learning, the show must go on in Drama Club. Drama Club will continue to hold auditions and online performances of their productions. They will also be competing in the Spirit of the MACYs awards competition through their virtual productions. “My favorite event is when we went to the Macy’s Awards because the whole time we were there we had a wonderful time, and we got to see a lot of different schools’ amazing performances,” Commissioner of Technology Sarai Sarmiento said.

Keep an eye out for the fall show, which will be based on the play Check, Please! “Each show we do at Cerritos is unique because the crews and the casts bring in all their special talents into it,” Arauz said.

Not to mention, Drama Club will provide opportunities for members to explore their creative interests in screen-writing and the performing arts. They plan on hosting a day where members can write or perform their own scenes to share with other club members. 

“I’d find myself taking any opportunity to get to spend more time in the program just so that I could make more memories with the people involved.” Arauz said.

For the upcoming school year of 2020-2021, CHS Drama Club officers are:

Liesel Arauz, president

Hallie Rodriguez, vice president

Tahiya Nashik, secretary

Diya Singh and Olivia Keating, treasurer

Evan Cordoza and Erika Torres, commissioners of fundraising

Abigail Stecher and Bryan Fan, commissioners of publicity

Sarai Sarmiento, commissioner of technology

Angelina De Mello and Emma Parker, commissioners of performance

“To anyone who is interested in joining this club: do it. I remember contemplating whether I should be a part of this or not, and I made the decision to have an active role in the club. It was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Not only did I get to be a part of productions that I’ve admired, but I was able to be a part of a community that is accepting towards every single person that’s ever been a part of this program,” Vice President Hallie Rodriguez said.

If you want to stay updated on Drama Club’s activities, join them on Instagram (@cerritoshighdrama), Google Classroom (code: mfvav2j), and Remind (@cerritosdc).

Robotics Club

By Angelina Lee

Interested in technology or engineering? Robotics is the perfect place for you! In the Robotics Club, members will learn how to design, program, and construct robots. Robotics welcomes anyone who wants to make and program robots, even if they don’t have any experience.

Throughout the year, Robotics will participate in the First Tech Challenge (FTC) Competition, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) challenges, and other robot-building competitions. The First Tech Challenge is a national competition in which teams create their own robot to complete a series of tasks. At this competition, Secretary Sohum Bhargava said members can “improve [their] engineering skills, meet engineering professionals from Boeing, SpaceX, etc, gain on the spot problem-solving skills, and have fun!”

Bhargava is not the only one who looks forward to competing in the FTC. Co-President Grant Lee added, “My most memorable moment would be when our team won the Collins Aerospace Award during our first year competing in FTC. It was completely unexpected, and it marked the progress we made as a competitive team and not just a hobby club.”

Robotics isn’t just about competition; the club itself is centered around collaboration and adaptability. As a matter of fact, they create an uplifting team environment where members can build off on one another. “Robotics club means a lot to me as it allows me to form a close connection with people that share my interests,” Team Captain Falak Tulsi said.

“We face new challenges daily, but with our hard work and dedication, we strive to create the best robot possible. The diligence shown in the club members is truly admirable,” Treasurer Parsa Hajipour said.

What sets Robotics apart from other clubs on campus is that they develop a hands-on approach toward solving problems. Co-President Anuj Kakde said members “will be able to get real hands-on experience with making custom robots that can solve real-life problems and challenges.”

For the upcoming school year of 2020-2021, CHS Robotics Club officers are:

Mr. Turek, club advisor

Anuj Kakde and Grant Lee, co-presidents

Brandon Jewik, vice president

Falak Tulsi and Kenneth Ho, team captains

Parsa Hajipour, treasurer

Sohum Bhargava, secretary

“To anyone interested in joining the club, don’t be afraid to join if you don’t have any robotics experience. By joining, you will not only gain robotic skills, but you will also gain important life skills, like being a team player and managing your time efficiently, which will help you be successful.” Bhargava said.

You don’t need to have any prior experience with robotics to join the club. All you need is a passion for problem solving. By joining the Robotics community, you’ll have access to amazing scholarships, competitions, and so much more.
If you want to know more about the Robotics Club, join their Instagram (@cerritos_robotics), Google Classroom (code: pedxoju), and Discord: (

Artists Rising Today (A.R.T) 

By Karina Singh

From painted hand turkey crafts to Picasso, expressions of art vary throughout the expanses of space and time, yet it has stayed, throughout time, an important way for many to create without worry of acceptance or approval. A.R.T club is a safe space for aspiring artists to create their art, along with focusing on improving their skills and relieving stress, while simultaneously working to break the negative stigma around the field of the arts. 

When it comes to activities, A.R.T club has adapted well to COVID-19, hosting Media Mondays that introduce online challenges like Inktober and Drawcember, Free Draw, and Technical Workshops that demonstrate different mediums and skills that they could apply to their art, and Artist Appreciation where members can learn about a certain artist while creating their own piece inspired by them. A.R.T club also has a couple of art contests that members can take part in for a chance to win drawing supplies and other treats. A particular favorite event of Co-President Ashley Woo is the Jackson Pollock Artist Appreciation event.

 “Everyone got to create their own impression of a Jackson Pollock piece using Pollock’s technique of pouring and dripping. The technique we learned allowed us to feel more part of our painting as we had to use our whole body to create the painting. The experience was such a contrast from what we usually experience during school which usually involves following a set of rules and limiting ourselves to a small square desk for hours,” she said.

Even with all these activities though, members can spend as much time as they wish in the club, so there is no pressure on club members regarding time. Even when it comes to skill and knowledge, A.R.T club puts no pressure on members: anyone can join even if they know nothing; all they need is their imagination and their ability to create. Whether you are shy or outgoing, A.R.T club is for you because, even though students can socialize with each other, they can also choose to be left alone and freely create as they wish. Overall, A.R.T club is, as Co-President Caitlin Chau said A.R.T. is, “a place where I have the chance to just be myself. There is no pressure from having to impress the right people, competing against my peers, or meeting deadlines. Instead, the club is the place where I can create my own art without judgement since everyone else is the same. We are all working together to improve our skills. Art can be a very solitary activity, but this club gave me the opportunity to collaborate with other artists and connect with new people.” 

If you are an aspiring artist or even just someone interested in art, give this club a shot and contact them using the information below. 
Email:; Instagram: @artistsrisingtoday; Remind: @artistr to 81010; Google Classroom: 2hvghdw

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