Club Feature: SBL

By Joshua So

Ever wonder what sort of life skills you weren’t learning in school that would actually help you in the real world?  Of course you have.  Then, you must know that there are others like you and they are working to make a difference through the new Student Business Leaders Cerritos club, or SBL.  

Oftentimes, young adults do not recognize the importance of financial literacy.  The world is full of tricks and traps that want us to be enslaved to our job and money, but here at SBL, we want everyone to avoid the pitfalls of life and use financial literacy to beat the system and get ahead.  Using lessons that aim to educate high schoolers to hold well-rounded knowledge about investments and modern entrepreneurship, the purpose of SBL is to train its members to be financially literate and prepared to strive for financial freedom in your life beyond high school.

To do so, SBL provides a community to practice applying real-life knowledge about money management.  We plan to conduct webinars and engaging activities, collaborate with special guest speakers (local business owners and professional market experts & traders). Our club regularly updates information for its members and all those who are interested to learn more about, particularly when it comes to investing, money management, and entrepreneurship. SBL is committed to its regularly posted weekly newsletter, bringing you a quick rundown of current events and their effect on your money.

This year, our expansive club board consists of some seasoned investors along with other passionate students who are dedicated to bringing out the best of the best when collaborating with other high schoolers and peers in the fun world of business and finance. 

Join Student Business Leaders Cerritos today by contacting them through the website, where you can receive exclusive newsletters, direct access to communication with the SBL board, and gain an insight of future activities and opportunities to be engaged. 

You can also contact the club through their email or Instagram Direct Messaging @sblcerritos.

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