Review: Wonder Woman 1984 negates the promise of original

By Ashley Lee

Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), also known as Diana Prince, came to save 2020 with a new movie, Wonder Woman 1984. Wonder Woman is a revolutionary character who proves that women are just as strong and brave as men. Being one of the most popular and first female superheroes, fans awaited for an unforgettable masterpiece.

Set in the 1980s, Diana Prince lives among humans, helping when she can and fighting for justice in secrecy. Out of nowhere, a strange artifact begins to damage the world, leaving it up to her to save it from crumbling.

Compared to the first movie, Wonder Woman, this sequel seems to have been given no care. The first movie is a true masterpiece that perfectly depicted the kind of person Diana is. Patty Jenkins was able to prove that she is one of the best directors in the superhero genre. However in the sequel, her position has become questioned. The plot of the movie itself is very weak, with multiple gaps throughout. One example is the obvious foreshadowing. The whole movie seems rushed, moving on from one scene to the next without building up any emotion.

Another negative point of the movie is the use of Steve Trevor(Chris Pine). Wonder Woman says the only thing she ever wants is a man, and ultimately sacrifices him. This made effect took away the original Wonder Woman image. It felt as if Diana would only be happy or have someone to love if a man was there. Giving him up made the strong, original meaning of this female superhero fade. Jenkins truly fails to portray the true character due to its awful plot and storyline. 

Even more, this time setting does match with the storyline at all. Taking place in the 1980s, Jenkins fails again to show this throughout the film. At the beginning of the movie, it was clear that we were in the 80s from the clothing, hairstyles, cars, and electronics. However, as the movie continues, the audience begins to wonder, “Wait, where are we again?” 

Despite all the disappointments, the casting is perfect as well as the acting. Gadot is the exact, perfect image of who Wonder Woman is. Additionally, the new characters, Maxwell Lord and the Cheetah are perfectly pulled off by Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig. There couldn’t have been a better cast for this film.

There are unfortunate failures of this film’s plot and storyline but there is exactly one achievement as well: Wonder Woman 1984 is truly unforgettable. Unforgettable because of what a waste of 2 hours and 35 minutes of your life it is.

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