Star Wars Squadrons: Fun flying with a little motion sickness

By Adam Mahkorn

Despite being a game with a couple drawbacks, “Star Wars Squadrons” is a game definitely worth playing. Many new and different controls have been added for to improve enjoyment, along with new options for voice chats. Several different locations have been added as well, leading to unexplored places for players to learn about and enjoy. And lastly, a new storyline is introduced for all of the different players who love the “Star Wars” franchise.

In the beginning of “Star Wars Squadrons,” players are immediately put into the beginning of the storyline, where a voiceover of Darth Vader is heard. Likely noticed by old players are new controls added into the game, and the cockpit of one of the many starfighters is given a fresh new look, along with a new addition to the storyline on how players switch between the Empire and the Rebellion. 

There’s a small drawback to the characters: When talking, the player’s character’s lips don’t go in unison with the words being said. The starfighters however, appear to have more detail put into them than the actual characters themselves, as from the original “Star Wars” movies, starfighter cockpits are rarely seen. 

There are also many new talking opportunities for characters to take apart in, more than previous Star Wars games. And like most “Star Wars” games, there is a storyline that players are able to follow. In the beginning, it may be hard for players to know when in the “Star Wars” universe the game takes place, but after learning basic controls, a timeline is introduced, and fans and players alike get to experience the new twists in the “Star Wars” franchise.

As always, “Squadrons” offers a choice of multiplayer if players wish to test their skill against A.I., fly with friends, or attempt to take down a capital ship. Matchmaking is varied for players, as they will typically be put into a game of players with different levels of skill. Unfortunately, there are only four different game modes for players to choose from, which may add to a less excitable experience as players play over time. Depending on the faction (Empire or New Republic), there are different choices of starfighters from which players can choose. It is limited to only five ships per faction, so there isn’t many varied choices. 

Overall, “Star Wars Squadrons” is a fun game, if a bit limited. Many people have played and like it, and not only “Star Wars” fans; so if you’re a fan of flying games, “Squadrons” is definitely a game worth playing. But as a precaution, take your motion-sick pills.

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