Review: Warmly welcomed into the coffee cult

By Gabriel Oliveira

Over Winter Break I was hanging out with a couple of friends and they went over to Starbucks and got themselves a drink.  Up to that point, I had never had Starbucks or any coffee as I was simply uninterested in coffee.  However, being pressured to order something from Starbucks, I got the same drink as my girlfriend, a Caramel Brulėe Latte.  

Once I got my Caramel Brulėe Latte, I was hesitant to try it as I had never tried coffee before.  It was a cold night, and once I had the coffee in my hand it instantly warmed up my hands and had me eager to try it.  As I took the top off to take a smell, it smelled strongly of caramel and the warmth enveloped my face.  The Caramel Brulėe Latte even looked aesthetically pleasing to the eye as the whipped cream on top made it look super delightful.  However, I was still a skeptic.  I slowly put the lid back onto the cup and took the tiniest of sips to the amusement of the friends around me.  Instantly, as I took the sip, the warmth went through my mouth and the flavor was quite mild as there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of caramel or sugar, which I loved.  

At first, I believed it was decent, but as the aftertaste kicked in, I found myself unable to stop drinking the Caramel Brulėe Latte.  The taste lingered on the tip of my tongue and had me craving for more as the warmth of the drink in my hands and mouth made myself addicted to it.  The slight flavor of caramel and the perfect amount of sugar made it perfectly savory and addicting to drink.  Before I knew it, I was done with the whole cup to the surprise of my friends.  When I was done with the drink, I was not full, neither did I have any kind of caffeine high that other sugary coffees might give you.   

Coming from someone who doesn’t drink coffee at all and doesn’t like Starbucks, it is imperative that you go try the Caramel Brulėe Latte for yourself as soon as possible, especially since it is a seasonal drink that is only available during the winter months.  I have gotten myself several Caramel Brulėe Lattes since that day and it has become my go-to drink during this cold, harsh time of the year. 

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