Code Jam: A Virtual Hackathon

By Angelina Lee

Interested in learning or teaching coding? This year, the Code Jam team will be hosting a virtual hackathon from 8 AM to 8 PM on Saturday, February 27th. At the hackathon, you can code with friends and learn from professionals to have fun and level up your coding abilities. This event is open to ABC Unified School District student programmers of all levels.

Whether you have coding experience or not, the hackathon provides countless, unique opportunities. The hackathon offers introductory, in-depth workshops to programming, Github, echoAR, cloud, and more! There are also volunteer opportunities available to anyone interested, even those without previous coding experience. Volunteers mentor teams, help out the hackathon participants, and spread news about the event.

If you want to participate or volunteer with Code Jam, check out the registration form and/or volunteer form on their Instagram (@whitneycodejam). You can also contact them through if you have any questions.

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