Grande’s ‘Positions’: both catchy and overrated


Music genres have changed over the years: from rock to r&b, from country to hip-hop. There have been new genres and old genres, all coming and blending together to make up a diverse industry. However, the most popular genre in recent years has been pop, with soprano singer Ariana Grande at its top. Her new album, “Positions,” has been trending everywhere: on TikTok, Instagram, and all the streaming platforms, of course. However, it’s safe to say that pop is not Ariana’s best genre––and that her album “Positions” is not her best. It’s simple, really: both pop and “Positions” are just overrated. 

“Positions” is an album claiming to have different songs. It has 14 songs: “34+35,” “off the table,” and “west side” being a few. But are the songs really different? It seems as though Grande tried to diversify her album by having different names for her songs, but she failed to make them sound different. All 14 songs have a similar beat, tone, and melody. It doesn’t help that the album is in the pop genre, restricting Grande’s incredible vocal range and unique voice. After all, Grande is known for her ability to reach extremely high notes, but in “Positions,” she sounds like every other pop artist on the radio with the same vocal range that she keeps in every song in the album.

It is also extremely difficult to make out what Grande is saying in her song. The key factor that makes a song worth singing along and listening to is lyrics that are easy to understand. However, the listener is unable to understand what she is saying in “positions,” which is ironically her most streamed song. Is she singing “I’m in the Olympics,” or “On the Olympics?” Is she singing “Know my love” or “All my love?” We may never know. Unless of course, we look up the lyrics online, which is something most of us don’t want to do.

Although the album may seem a bit bland and might lack in some areas, there is no denying Grande’s talent, and the catchiness of the songs. “Motive” starts right away with a catchy beat that captivates you till the end, talking about love and romance. The energy of the song is set off by the recurring beat, as well as Doja Cat’s verses, which is another thing that sets this album apart from others: Grande’s collaboration with artists.

Although “Positions” isn’t Grande’s best album, and lacks in some areas, sometimes you need to take a break from unique and soul-feely songs and bop to Grande’s overrated yet catchy “Positions.”

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