Matias Fam Plants: A Backyard Plant Paradise

By Angelina Lee

Walking into the Matias family’s backyard leaves you with surprise, quite literally. Coming in pots of all shapes and sizes, vibrant plants line the shelves of their backyard. The family’s shared love for gardening has led to the establishment of Matias Fam Plants, a small business offering affordable plants in adorable pots.

As a family-owned backyard nursery, Matias Fam Plants is the definition of a homegrown business. After getting laid off by his job in July 2020, owner Roderick Matias turned to his gardening hobby for a source of income. He created Matias Fam Plants in the first week of August, describing the business as a “pastime that helps [him] cover the bills to pay.” 

Mr. Matias considers buying new plants, succulents and cactus his favorite part of the job. The business sells indoor and outdoor plants perfect for beginners and plant experts alike, and each pot is carefully picked based on a plant’s size and appearance. From animal-shaped pots to intricately patterned pots, there’s a plant pot for everyone.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted his current plans, Mr. Matias has big dreams for the future of Matias Fam Plants. He hopes to someday “own a plant shop or do more pop-up shops.” If you’re interested in supporting Matias Fam Plants, stay updated on the newest plants by following their Instagram and Facebook pages at @matiasfamplants.

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