Business Feature: Keeping it Sweet During COVID

By Elianna Alcantar Vega

Craving chocolate covered strawberries? Or maybe chocolate crinkles cookies? Baking can be overwhelming and extremely difficult. So, why waste time on finding ingredients or finding the perfect recipe when, with one click of a button, you can order heavenly tasty desserts from Sofia. 

Seventeen-year-old Sofia Soni began baking as a side hobby. She began selling her homemade chocolate chip cookies for a dollar everyday after school to her friends and fellow students, where her cookies started to gain their fame.  But when the pandemic struck, Sofia wasn’t given the opportunity to bake and sell her divine goodies anymore. During the lockdown Sofia wanted to expand her baking business therefore, Sofia came up with the brilliant idea to create an Instagram promoting her homemade sweets, calling the account @SweetsbySofiaaa. 

In creating her small baking business, Sofia recognized she could blend her two passions together: baking and helping those in need. Since October of 2020, 25% of her profits go to

“ My favorite part about running this business is that I get to contribute to such a good cause, helping kids around the world through the pandemic,” Soni said. 

With the amount of Covid-19 cases increasing during the startup of SweetsbySofiaaa, she struggled for many months.

“Many people did not want to purchase desserts with a virus going around,” she said.

The biggest challenge due to Covid-19 was the decline in sales due to the fear of germs being spread. Sofia stressed the importance of keeping her customers safe and healthy and understood why some customers were hesitant to purchase her desserts. Sofia takes as many precautions as she can while making her desserts for her customers, such as keeping her baking station sanitized and wearing gloves and masks when baking. 

In the future Sofia would like to reach 1,000+ followers on her Instagram account while she tries to expand her business while continuing to support a good cause.  Sofia will continue to combine her two passions of helping those in need and baking through her small business. She is looking forward to developing her business as she finishes high school and hopes that people will continue to support her business by like, commenting, and sharing her posts.

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