Business Feature: As Sweet as They Come

By Nicole Gonzales

As we enter almost one year in this pandemic, there has been an increase in small businesses and small shops, particularly with at-home bakers looking to share their skills and treats. As Sweet As They Come owner, 17-year-old Megan Martinez, has been way ahead of the game as her business making killer custom cakes and other delicious desserts started way before COVID-19. For years, she has been making dozens of affordable custom cakes and desserts, all from her very own kitchen. 

It all started at the age 12 when her aunt paid for her to take a cake decorating class at a small bakery near her house.

“Oh I loved it. It was so much fun. I learned a lot from those classes and even though my cake decorating was terrible at first, I fell in love.”

With a few more classes and practicing at home, Megan eventually started making cakes for her family members to try. As time went on and her skills improved, word eventually spread that she was making cakes. By the age of 14, she began bringing in customers and now has grown her business significantly.  

With COVID-19, affecting small businesses the most over the past year, she surprisingly has been busier than ever.

“Back in March when we first were told that we needed to quarantine for 2 weeks, many of my customers cancelled since they wanted to be safe and stay at home. I didn’t have any orders for 2-3 months.”  

According to Megan, once graduation time came around, her orders started increasing again, and by the time the holidays hit she was packed with numerous orders. From graduation cakes to baby shower cakes, to even chocolate covered strawberries and cupcakes, Megan has been able to provide all her customers with the best service. Since all her treats are made right from her home she has taken extra precaution to properly sanitize and box items in tightly sealed boxes to protect the desserts. 

If anyone is interested in supporting her business and looking for delicious sweets her instagram is @as_sweet_as_they_come_ and she even has a tik tok account where she posts her decorating skills. 

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