Business Feature: Dabinscreations

By Hannah Chung

Holding a crochet hook and surrounded by big colorful bundles of yarn, Dabin smiles as we start our zoom interview. Dabin, owner of “Dabinscreations,” is a 17-year-old residing in Cerritos who has amassed over 50 sales, and even has a social following on the app tiktok with over 5000 followers. What started off as a hobby has now transitioned into a small side business that provides custom amigurumi items.

Such a hobby might not be common for a 17 year old but she happened to notice it during a weekly grocery shopping trip. Around four years prior, while shopping around Costco with her mom, Dabin happened to lay eyes on a Cinderella amigurumi set.

“I thought to myself, I want that, it seems super fun. So I told my mom and she bought it for me, and from there I just got obsessed with crocheting.” 

Just from one viral video, Dabin now has 5000 plus followers and over 100,000 likes on tiktok. The specific video garnered over 300,000 views which jumpstarted her etsy business. Such social media platforms were able to market her items and attract customers all over the country. 

“Before I posted the [one] video that went viral, I had posted around 10 tiktoks that didn’t get much views. I was really surprised because it [the viral video] was the tiktok that I put the least amount of effort into. Right when I posted it, there were a couple people who didn’t follow me, comment, and then all of a sudden the views kept on going up.”

The special item that went viral was a crochet pug and soon after the video, Dabin was able to sell customized personal crochet dolls for people who had lost their dog or wanted something in remembrance of it. Through photos and videos, Dabin would curate replicas of the dog in a cute crochet manner. 

It wasn’t this easy at first. Before the viral tiktok, she had constantly updated her etsy in hopes for sales but there was nothing. In giving advice for small business owners that use online platforms to advertise their products, Dabin says, “You don’t need to spend money on advertising. Instead find content that young people are interested in, use platforms that customers use in order to attract them. Keep going. Even though you don’t get sales at first, the more work and time you put into it, eventually people will notice and will want to buy your items.” 

In terms of her future goals, Dabin hopes to increase her influence on social media platforms and reach 100 sales by the end of this year. She also wants to release new products through her own designs and drawings.

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